Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

First of all, can we talk about this adorable little guy?  Gomez, our youngin' pup (he's almost two now) scared the bejeezus out of his.  To say that he is a spirited pup is an understatement.  This little guy is always abounds with energy 99% of the time, and then crashes at the end of the night.  He's a great pup, but Friday morning was acting like a mere shell of himself.  He just kind of moped around, didn't get excited as we came/went from work, and barely lifted his head up for food.  This is a dog who has never missed an opportunity for food.  We were super worried, and monitored him to make sure that he was ok.  Luckily, the next morning he was back to his normal self, and we couldn't have been more grateful

I took a trip with Outdoor Rec (an outdoor travel kind of place on the base) to St. Genvieve, MO to do a wine tasting trip.  We went to a couple of vineyards in the area and sipped on some of Missouri's finest.  Now, maybe because I am a wine snob because of my past European living situation, or maybe because this area was inspired by French wines (and I prefer the German variety), but I wasn't impressed by the wine.  The Riesling didn't taste anything like it should, and a large majority of the wines had too much of a citrus-y taste (i.e. lemon-yuck!).  Although, one particular winery, Crown Valley, had some fantastic fruit wines and the best Peach Sangria.  Yummers!  But, I haven't lost all hope in finding a great Riesling.  There's still a German area in Missouri with vineyards (I think it's called Augusta) and I haven't given up hope on that, yet.

Oh, and I failed to mention one of the most important things that happened this weekend.  Umm...Notre Dame is ranked #1!  Yes, I know I didn't atten Notre Dame.  But, as a Hoosier I always take the time to recognize when another Indiana school makes their way through the rankings.  So long Oregon!  There's a new tam in town.  For now...
Photo found here.
Sunday was just hanging around the house and almost dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Well, that last one may be a tad dramatic, but our detector totally went off late last night and I woke up in a panic to get to fresh air.  I think Joel just shut the chimney a little too early after our fire, but still.  Scared the hell outta me.

This weekend I am heading back to Indiana for Thanksgiving (I know, I am as shocked as you are that it is here already) where I will be spending some much needed bonding time with the best sister in the world.  I will not, however, have Internet.  My parents left wonderful Indianapolis a few years ago and moved to the middle of nowhere, Indiana where Internet does not exist, except in dial-up land.  And I do not do dial-up well.  Patience is a virtue that I have not yet mastered.  That's ok, my dysfunctional family is (mostly) entertaining enough.

Sisterly love.

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meg said...

I'm glad your dog is alright - my cat is the same way about food. The couple of times she hasn't eaten, I know something is wrong haha.