Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pictures say it best...

We are officially in single digits until we move.  Our stuff has been all boxed up and crated, and we officially said goodbye to being homeowners this week.  Holy crapola...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Moving Madness

As we speak, everything we own, minus two suitcases each, is getting packed up and loaded into a truck, and will soon make it's way to Okinawa!  We will see all of our stuff in approximately three months.  That time always feels like Christmas to me.

We checked into our hotel last night, and will be "homeless" until we arrive in Japan.  God willing, we will close on the house next week, and then we'll have nothing else to do (ish) until we fly out.

This is our cat's first time in a hotel with us, and he is none too pleased.  He likes having the house to roam, and all of his good hidey spots are gone.  But, he'll be fine.  Poor Pugsley, in his old age, gets the nervous trots, and had pretty bad diarrhea last night, but some medicine made him much better this morning.  Gomez is faring the best, but he's none too pleased about the random hallway noises.  He often, literally, voices his displeasure.  Thank God for thick walls.

I'll be sporadic for the next few weeks, so hang in there with me!  I'm super excited to do some PCS recaps, and to start exploring and sharing our new home.  The moving madness has started!!