Monday, November 29, 2010


Hey, all!  I am back from Egypt.  How to describe it...  Well, Joel put it best, actually.  It is a once on a lifetime trip that I only want to do once!  It was breathtaking and dirty and amazing was the Middle East.  I will write tons more about it later, but here are a few teaser pics.  I took well over 1,000, so I have to get them all uploaded still.

Friday, November 19, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #22

It is another spouse Fill-in!  I love these things.  I hope that I am able to do one next Friday, but I will be in Egypt (screaming with anticipation here!) so I don't know if I will have time.  I can't wait to catch up on everything when I get back and share some pictures with you all.  Wish me luck!

1. If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs – such as food and water – were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?The internet.  I totally need the internet.  I feel like my whole life sometimes is on the internet.  That is how I talk to friends, family, read the news, etc.  I would need the internet.  I would also like, and I don't know if this is considered an item, but I think I would be terrible lost without his companionship.

2. If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you have?Catalina!  In fact, the only kind of dressing that I would ever eat is either French or Catalina.  I am about the pickiest person ever, and so sometimes I will even carry a little bottle of this around.

3. If you had to live on a ranch, what kind of animals would you raise/own?Horses.  I love horses!  I have never taken lessons or anything, but growing up in Indiana I have had many friends with farms, and we would always ride their horses on the back trails.

4. If your life was was portrayed as a movie, who would you choose to play you and your significant other?Well, I have had a few people tell me that I resemble Kirsten Dunst, but I wouldn't like her to play me.  She isn't my favorite actress.  I think I would have to go with Scarlett Johannsen for me, because she is one of the few blond actresses that I can think of that isn't stick thin.  Although I think she is much better looking than me.  But, would be a movie about moi, so why not?  And as for Joel...hmm...I have no idea!  Maybe John Krasinski.  His characters have a similar personality as Joel, and he is so darn cute!

5. What was the last thing you put a stamp on (envelope, duh, but what was in the envelope)?
A postcard that I sent out for a postcard swap that I participated in.  It was one from Cologne, one of my favorite German cities.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time for a little fun.

This weekend has been a wonderful lazy weekend for me, so I thought I would just post something that I saw on someone else's blog. I will bold the ones that I have done. Wow, I can't believe there ae so many! Feel free to do the same!

1. started your own blog
2. slept under the stars

3. played in a band
4. visited hawaii
5. watched a meteor shower
6. given more to charity than you could afford to
7. been to disney

8. climbed a mountain

9. held a praying mantis
10. sung a solo

11. bungee jumped
12. visited Paris
13. watched a thunder and lightning storm
14. taught yourself an art from scratch
15. adopted a child
16. had food poisoning
17. walked to the top of the statue of liberty
18. grown your own vegetables
19. seen the Mona Lisa in France
20. slept on an overnight train
21. had a pillow fight
22. hitch hiked
23. taken a sick day when you’re not ill
24. built a snow fort

25. held a lamb
26. gone skinny dipping
27. run a marathon
28. ridden in a gondola in Venice

29. seen a total eclipse
30. watched a sunrise or sunset31. hit a home run
32. been on a cruise33. seen niagara falls in person
34. visited the birthplace of your ancestors
35. seen an amish community
36. taught yourself a new language
37. had enough money to be truly satisfied
38. seen the leaning tower of pisa in person

39. gone rock climbing
40. seen Michelangelo’s David in person
41. sung karaoke
42. seen old faithful erupt
43. bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant
44. visited africa (Will be doing this very soon)
45. walked on a beach by moonlight
46. been transported in an ambulance
47. had your portrait painted
48. gone deep sea fishing

(Awful picture of myself!)
49. seen the sistine chapel in person
50. been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
51. gone scuba diving or snorkeling
52. kissed in the rain
53. played in the mud
54. gone to a drive-in theater
55. been in a movie
56. visited the great wall of china
57. started a business
58. taken a martial arts class
59. visited russia
60. served at a soup kitchen
61. sold girl scout cookies
62. gone whale watching
63. gotten flowers for no reason
64. donated blood, platelets or plasma
65. been sky diving
66. visited a concentration camp
 67. bounced a check
68. flown in a helicopter
69. saved a favorite childhood toy
70. visited the lincoln memorial
71. eaten caviar
72. pieced a quilt
73. stood in times square
74. toured the everglades
75. been fired from a job
76. seen the changing of the guard in London
77. broken a bone
78. been a passenger on a motorcycle
79. seen the grand canyon in person
80. published a book
81. visited the Vatican
82. bought a brand new car
83. walked in jerusalem
84. had your picture in the newspaper
85. kissed a stranger at midnight on new year’s eve
86. visited the white house

87. killed and prepared an animal for eating
88. had chickenpox
89. saved someone’s life
90. sat on a jury
91. met someone famous
92. joined a book club

93. gotten a tattoo
94. had a baby
95. seen the Alamo in person
96. swam in the great salt lake
97. been involved in a law suit
98. owned a cell phone
99. been stung by a bee

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shutterfly free 50 cards promotion!

Now, I normally don't get too commercial about things on here, but I have to give a big shout-out to Shutterfly!  We had wedding announcements done with them back in May when we got married, and they turned out wonderfully!  We were so pleased we knew we would do holiday cards with them, as well.  And, as luck would have it, they are being totally awesome and have a great promotion!  If I wasn't already excited enough, shutterfly is also offering bloggers like moi the chance to win 50 free cards!  This is wonderful!  Please go here to get in on this amazing offer.  I know I am!  They are really a way to send a personal touch to those we care about, and especially since the military has stationed us so far from home, our family enjoy seeing our smiling faces on their Christmas card.  Or at least they say that they do :)  And, as a big bonus to the military overseas, they also ship APO!
Now, I want to highlight some links for you guys to explore.  The first is one to the Christmas cards, of course.  There are so many amazing ones!  I still can't decide yet!
Another awesome one is personalized gift tags.  They are so darn cute!  I am always a fan of the personal touch, an dI think that these really hit the spot!

Christmas gift tags to

Another one that I recently discover.  Canvas Wall Art!  Check it out!  We are so doing this with one of our wedding photos.  And maybe the dog, too...

canvas wall art to
I hope everybody checks them out!  And if you do, I am always willing to offer up my mailing address in order to receive an example.  I love getting these!

Friday, November 5, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #20

Hi all!  It is Friday, o I am very happy to be doing anotehr fill-in.  I have been sporadic, with the closing up of my part in RHPS, finals this week, and celebrating six months of marital bliss (more on all of that later).  So, without further ado, it is time for...

1. A different twist on last week’s question. This week, the first question is: what’s the nicest thing a MILSPOUSE has ever done for you? (brought to you from navy_smurfette)

A military spouse that I barely knew picked me up from the car dealership because she knew that my husband was out of town and I had no one else to come and get me.  We had spoken to each other on just a few occasions, and I mentioned that I was going to have to take a taxi and she just outright offered.  I thought that was pretty amazing.

2. How often do you drive faster than the speed limit?

Umm...all the time.  I know, I am a good driver, but I am always in a hurry and I hate to drive, so I only go the speed limit if someone (or something) is preventing me from doing so.  Hey, I live in Germany and have the autobahn...who DOESN'T go fast?

3. Did you have a nickname in school? If so, what was it?

Nope, I really didn't.  I had a family nickname, which was slightly embarrassing.  My sister had speech problems and couldn't say Kristen, so she would call me "sissy."  It was cute until I realized that sissy was also a term for pansy.  So, that was embarrassing in high school.  But, now that I am older, and everyone in my family calls me that because of my sister, it has grown on me, and I really love it :)

4. If your life was a book, what would the title be and how would it end?
It would be called something to the effect of "The only constant is change."  It would end with my life being everything I could make of it.

5. Look back (in your planner if you have one) to September 14th… what did you do that day?

I worked.  Other than that, and most likely some schoolwork, that was it.  September was a fun month, though, as that was the month Joel's parents were here and we went to London and some other fests around Germany.