Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Update

Monday already?  How does this keep happening every week?  Oh, la vie, right?

This weekend wasn't too exciting.  Can you feel the winter trend, here?  I hate the cold and I loathe the snow, so I tend to hibernate more in the winter.

Friday was interesting.  Gomez got his first round of allergy shots, and he was none too pleased about it.  He's a real trooper, and after the first round, we will give it to him at home instead of the vet.  Well, Joel will.  I will do nothing that involves needles.  *shudder*  I really hope this helps G-Dog, though.  I feel so bad about his itchiness and redness.

We rested up for our race on Saturday morning.  It was pretty fun!  It was a "Winter Luau," and we tried to dress the part as much as we could in the frigid temps.  Joel got fourth in his age group, and I was just happy to finish.  There were a ton of hills, and my thighs were not happy with me.  I didn't place, but I wasn't last, which is always a bonus.  I'm going to start tracking my times to see my progress.  Now that I am trying to run more during the week, there has to be an improvement, right?

Sunday wasn't the greatest day.  I had been battling a migraine all weekend, and it came to a head on Sunday.  I had breakfast with a friend, but that's pretty much all I had the energy for.  Also, I found out my Uncle passed away unexpectedly.  He was young, only 47, and had a severe heart attack that his body couldn't recover from.  Depending on when the service is, we might be headed to Indy to be with family.  If you could say an extra prayer for my step-dad (who I've always known as "dad"), I would really appreciate it.  He's taking it pretty hard.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Weigh-in, umm, Thursday?!

A day late and a dollar short, am I right?  I have been a day off all week, since having the holiday off of work on Monday.  So, I completely forgot to weigh-in yesterday.  But, I wanted to stay accountable, so here I am.  On a Thursday.  But, before we get into things, can we just take a moment to discuss this?

Umm, yeah.  That's the actual temperature when I got to work this morning.  There was a wind chill of -17.  Old man winter is bi-polar this year!  I am done with the cold and snow already.  DONE!

Any, who.  Back to the weigh-in.  I finally remembered to do this at home this morning.  Drumroll, please...

Starting weight:  155.9,  Last weeks weight:  156.2,  Today's weight: 155.2
See that, guys.  I lost a pound!  Finally!  I was elated to see this number this morning.  It's not even close to where I want to be, but after gaining weight during the holidays, I will take a loss that's a whole pound.  Squee!

I am still chugging along on my C25K.  Last week, I repeated week 4.  I was having a hard time building up the speed and stamina, so I gave myself some extra time.  I started on week 5 today, and so far so good!  I have also been saving some workout videos to add to my routine.  Some core strengthening and kettle bell workouts.  Joel gave me some kettle bells for Christmas, so I might as well put them to use.  I also bought a little stand thing for my tablet so that I can do these in the basement.  I plan on implementing them next week.

This week, I've been a little under the weather.  Not sick, but pretty sluggish and, well, just "off."  I took yesterday off from running, but I don't feel a whole lot better today.  Hopefully as the day goes on I'll perk up a bit.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday already?

I was fortunate enough not only to have a four day weekend, but yesterday was a snow delay for work.  Yahoo!  It means I have been pretty busy playing catch up, but worth every second.

Friday started with a long awaited massage.  It was wonderful and relaxing.  I always opt for deep tissue on my back, and I found someone who does amazing work.  Another thing I'll have to look for in Korea...

The rest of the weekend?  Well, really uneventful.  That picture above was about the only one I took.  The rest of the time off was spent organizing the house and getting ready to donate things before we move.  Oh, and watching a little known thing called the AFC/NFC championship.  I can't believe that the big game is just a mere two weeks away, and then no more football until next season.  A tragedy, really.  Who are you rooting for?  I think I am going to root for Seattle, shockingly.  They've done really well, and even though I'm an AFC girl, and I also like the Broncos, it's nice to see a team really break out.

Oh, and our precious foster went to his new home!  We are so happy for him, and are already housing a new foster.  Fingers crossed he'll find a home just as fast.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Well, I don't really have anything new or exciting to share today, so thanks to Ech and Will, I found this awesome link-up!  Won't you join along?

1. Where are you seated (near the counter, near the window, near the door, against the wall, etc.)?  I am currently at work, so I am at my desk in the middle of our area, and unfortunately have no windows nearby.  I hate missing the world while I am at work.

2. What are you sipping/munching on? I just finished my daily coffee, and am now working my way through some water and a banana.  It's my daily morning routine.
3. What do you want to get off your chest first (can be as deep as you want)?  As much as everyone tells me that I will love Korea and it'll be better than I expect, I don't want to go.  I had visions of what life would be like this summer, and none of it involved a move to Korea.  Make to Europe, sure, or even a prolonged American adventure.  But, not Korea.  Where it's hard to find a job, where I will have to live on base (which I personally loathe), where my husband will be constantly busy, and where I have no family or friends nearby.  I am saddened beyond belief, and I certainly may change my mind once I get there, right now, no matter how irrational, I don't want to go.  I can not conceptualize a happy life there.

4. If you could choose anyone (besides us of course) who would you have a coffee with?  I have two gals that live in Denver, which is where I wanted to move, that I would love to have a coffee date with.  I feel like they "get" me, which I haven't found locally in a while.
5. What is inspiring you lately? 
Women that work hard for what they want.  Right now, my personal goal for 2014 is being the best "me" that I can be.  But, that's going to take work.  I want to be in better shape, but I need to work for it.  I want to learn more about our world and the people and events that make us who we are today,
but I need to work for it.  I want to be a better wife, but I need to work for it.  I want to be a better Disciple for the Lord, but I need to work for it.  I read many blogs where women are doing these very things, and it's so inspiring.  It's encouraging.  If they can do it, I can do it, too. 

6. What are your plans after coffee?  Today, pretty much just work.  I plan on going to the gym later, but tomorrow...oh, man.  I have a day off from work, so I am starting my day with a massage, and whatever else I feel like.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday 

 Starting weight:  155.9,  Last weeks weight:  157-ish,  Today's weight: 156.2 

So, this weight thing is really becoming a thorn in my side.  For the past four weeks, I have done the C25K program and consistently ran three times a week.  I am running farther and longer, and am really proud of myself there.  I am even down a pound from all of my holiday weight, but still not down more than where I started before the holidays.

I don't know what my issue is, but I have been having some pain near my Achilles.  I bought a silicon sleeve that has helped, but this week I have limping around a bit.  Hopefully that ends, pronto.

This week I was supposed to start week 5of C25K, but due to the pain in my Achilles and the fact that week 4 was super tough on me, I am repeating it.  I was hoping to be father along, because I have a 5K on the books for next weekend.  I knew I wouldn't be able to run the whole thing yet, but I wanted to be farther along.  Oh, well.

I am also going to try and stay at the gym to work on weights.  I know the combo of weights and cardio are best, and I haven't been doing anything besides the run.  We have a cruise booked for March (more on that later), so I want to be a lot more fit and in shape, not to mention skinnier.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Update

Weekend Recap
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Happy Monday folks!  It's funny, between snow days and holidays, it's been quite a while since this girl has put in a full work week.  I work a compressed schedule, with every other Monday off, and sine there's a holiday on the 20th, I get Friday off instead.  Boom.  I really love my job, sometimes.  Four day work week followed by a four day weekend!  Sign me up!

This weekend was fairly uneventful, so that was welcoming.  I've been pretty "go, go, go" since the New Year started, or at least it feels that way.  On Friday, Joel and I went out to go see the movie The Book Thief.  This History loving girl was excited for this thrilling, yet tragic movie.  I won't give much away, but I truly loved this movie.  It was at the second run theater in two, so the $1.50 a ticket price tag made it even more incredible.

We had dinner at Olive Garden, where I may or may not have had one of the best martinis ever.  It was a toasted marshmallow-tini, and was absolutely fabulous.  It's only for a limited time, and we usually don't go to chain places very often, but I may have to make a return trip.

Saturday, we bought a new mattress (hallelujah!) and ran some much needed errands.  We also tried a fabulous new place, which has been on our list for a while now.  Luckily for us, it also allowed us to cross another number off of our 101 things to do in the Lou list!

82. Spend a Saturday afternoon on the Loop

While we have been to "the Loop" before, we have been dying to go to Fitz's.  St. Louis brews its own root beer (as well as various sodas) that is called Fitz's.  They have their own restaurant in the Loop, serving up delicious food and their root beers, and making what I heard were the most amazing floats.  Since it was practically summer at a balmy 50 degrees, we knew it would be the perfect excuse for their floats.  And they were amazing.

Joel got their tex mex (I think that is what it was called) burger, which actually came on a tortilla, and I ordered their pulled pork and fries.  Joel really seemed to enjoy his food, and I really had a fun time with mine.  They make their on BBQ sauce with their root beer, and while it may have been one of the messiest things I have ever eaten, it was beyond delicious.  The fries also had a tasty breading on them that made them quite tasty.  We certainly were stuffed after our adventure, but it was amazing and I can't wait to go back when spring arrives.

Other than that, it was mostly football time.  While my teams went 0-4 for the Wild Card round, this time the only game that I didn't call was the 49er game.  Well, I did think that they would win, but I was hoping that they'd come out losers.  I can't stand Jim Harbaugh.  I'm pretty sure that the Seahawks are going to rip them a new one this coming weekend, so revenge will be had.

Oh, and we now have a new foster pup!  His name is Tucker, and he's been an amazing little addition.  I hope he finds his forever home, soon, but for now we are enjoying having him.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weigh-in Wednesday - Week 2(ish)

So, I forgot to take a picture of my scale this morning, but imagine something like this:

The good news?  I have actually been running (ish) two to three times (usually three) per week.  I successfully finished week three of the C25K plan, and will be starting week four this week.  The bad news?  I gained weight!  I know my eating hasn't been spectacular, but it hasn't been that terrible, either (or so I thought).

This week, I logged into my old SparkPeople account and am going to start tracking my food intake.  Since the snowpocalypse has taken over, I know that I haven't been too active other than my run workout/work.  Apparently, I need to exercise more, and will try to throw in some weights or a class of some sort at the gym.

Being a weight and a size I'm uncomfortable with really affects all aspects of my life.  I find myself being more sluggish both at home and at work, I'm not sleeping that great, and I have the mantra that "one more _______ (insert delicious food here) won't hurt."  But you know what?  It does.  If I am just putting the calories I burn (or more) back into my body, then guess what?  I'm not going to be losing any weight.  A simple thought, for sure, but one I am struggling with.  I love to eat!  Cutting back is so hard for me.  I feel almost addicted to food, and it makes me happy.  I need to realize, though, that being healthy is going to make me happier, and focus on that.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Another Week Has Come...

Happy Monday Tuesday everyone!  Today is pretty much my Monday because Snowmageddon made it's way to St. Louis.

Being an Indiana girl, I was pretty used to lots of snow and cold, but you would have thought that the world was ending around here.  The base was closed on Monday, but it was normal reporting for work today, and people were complaining that the military was putting their / their family's lives at risk.  Were the roads bad?  To be honest they weren't great. But, folks, exercising caution and using your common sense goes a long way.  I am happy to report that at least everyone in my office made it in safe and sound.

Before the snow started, Joel and I were treated to something pretty special.  Ever heard of Schlafly Beer?  It's a local STL brewery that has been around for quite some time.  You can't walk in and ask for a tour of the brewery, nor schedule one, but they often give them away for charities to auction off and such.  One of my co-workers won one of these opportunities, and invited Joel and I along.

I'm not the biggest fan of beer, but I had been to the Schlafly Tap House, and Joel loves free beer, so we went with an open mind.  We learned a little history of the place, about how beer is made, and got to see a little bit of the action.  It was such a neat experience!  They brew certain varieties for different events/places, and we got to try their vanilla milk stout, which is only brewed for one place, straight from the tap.  Even this gal who isn't the biggest beer fan thought it was delicious!  There was also a tasting at the end with five or so different varieties.  Their coffee stout and cider were my faves.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Eve

So, this NYE may go down as one of the most boring ever for me, but it was still fantastic.  Most of our friends went out of town, and we didn't feel like the bar scene this year, so we kept it pretty quiet.

We started off with dinner reservations at Square One Brewery in the Lafayette Square district of St. Louis.  It was a cute, quirky bistro with incredible service and friendly staff.  Joel got a beer that they made at the Brewery, and he really loved it.  He ordered the fish tacos, and said they were pretty yummy.  I ordered the Fish and Chips, but wouldn't recommend it.  It was way too greasy for my liking.  But, we ordered the pretzel as our appetizer, and the jalapeno cheese sauce was amazing!  So, I'd definitely try it again ordering a different dish for dinner.

After that, we walked a block down and had martinis at Bailey's Chocolate Bar.  They make their own ice cream for their desserts, and the martinis are some of the best I had ever had.  They had a pumpkin martini available as a special in the fall, and I am quite pleased to announce that it now has a permanent spot on the menu.  If you like pumpkin, you will salivate over this martini.  So utterly amazing...  The dessert wasn't bad, either.  The molten lava cake is by far my favorite.

After that we headed home to watch scary movies.  This is usually a New Year's Day tradition, but because we were home, we moved it to NYE.  We watched The Purge.  I loved the premise of this movie, and the movie was ok, but they didn't really develop the story line or the characters.  I think the movie was only 1 hour and 20 minutes, so they had plenty of time.  I wish they would have done more, but it was worth the one night rental.

We then gathered the pets and rang in the new year.  We made it to midnight!  We're not that old yet.  It was great, and Pugsley even let us sleep in (he's normally an early riser.  I'm happy to have another year with my old pug.

New Year's Day we had some donuts (which I think we will make a tradition of) and headed to Dillard's because they had a 50% off clearance special.  It was a mad house!  I could barely walk around, and some lady literally took a pair of boots out of my hand.  Crazy!  I managed to find one pair and got a new purse, and Joel got a few pairs of dress shirts.  I am surprised that we made it out alive.  Ladies be shopping!