Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's ok Thursday!

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Hey you out there in blogland!  It's Thursday, and I can not wait until this work week is over.  I have been so overwhelmed with this semester coming to a close at school, and I am not being very successful when it comes to time management lately.  Joel likes to say that if you wait until the last minute that it only takes a minute, but I'm finding that one minute is pure torture.  But, it's Thursday, so...

It's ok that I am not ready for the holiday season yet.  I am just going to pretend that Thanksgiving is not in just two short weeks.  And I will not succumb to the Christmas music all around me.  No sirree, store.  I will walk right out of you!

It's ok that I am super excited that I got my PSL at Starbucks in a red cup.  Red Solo Cup, meet your match!

It's ok that the elections didn't really go my way.  The people spoke, and that's how Democracy works.  Right?  Right???

It's ok that I avoided Facebook yesterday.  The pure hatred I've seen regarding other people's views was enough to make me sick.

It's ok that I am in full sweater and boots mode.  While I am not a fan of the cold, I am a fan of boots.  And sweaters, and hot chocolate, and bonfires.  I am not a fan of snow, however.  Stay away, snow!

It's ok that I am participating in a 5K this weekend when I know I won't be able to run the whole thing.  While I am sad that I had a major setback in my run time, I am just happy to be back on track.

It's ok that I have been struggling with some major decisions lately.  These are major decisions, and shouldn't be taken too lightly.  I just wish I didn't always have an internal struggle regarding my life's path.  Anyone have a crystal ball I can borrow?


Katiellirb said...

I totally avoided Facebook too! I just could not handle all the gloating. I did what I could and voted, so you're right, democrazy was achieved. Good luck in your 5K and major decisions. Life has a way of throwing things at us all at once - not a fan!

anna lizbeth said...

Shaba love the red solo cup comment!

Ashley R said...

Seriously... how did Thanksgiving get here this quickly?

Red solo Starbucks cup... brilliant!

You've got this!

xo ashley

Jen said...

I am super excited for the red cups at Starbucks! ;)

Abbey said...

So...I just became your 100th follower! :) And I love sweater/boots season, but like you...definitely NOT the snow!

LWLH said...

I can't believe it's the week before Thanksgiving already...wowsers.