Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's OK Thursday


It's ok that I am spending Thanksgiving at my family's house this year.  It will be the first time in eight years that this has happened.  Even though we have a dysfunctional relationship, it will be good to spend the holiday with them.

It's ok that the semester is almost over and I still have so much left to do.  That just means after the next four weeks are up, I get four weeks off.  And somehow I always pull through.

It's ok that I dream of being Jess on The New Girl.  Who wouldn't want to be as cute and quirky as she is or have a hilarious friend like Schmidt.

Found here.
It's ok that Joel is exactly like Phil Dumfy on Modern Family.  Most of the time, anyways...
Found here.
And finally, it's ok that I have been slightly obsessed with my DVR lately.  Sometimes it's all the energy I have.  And comedies these days have been hi-lar-ious!

Ok, one more.  It's ok that this blog is short and sweet today.  For goodness week is Thanksgiving!!!  I better get it together.


Jen said...

I'm glad you get to spend Thanksgiving with your family this year. :) I hope you have a great time!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Hope thanksgiving goes smoothly for you!! And Phil is my favorite... I always laugh at what he says!

Catholic Cookie Jar said...

I am so excited to hear that you signed up for the marriage retreat! I hope that everything goes well for you at Thanksgiving! Have a good week! :)

Liz Myers said...

I love "Modern Family" and Phil is freakin' awesome...a man who embraces his!
Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family. 8 years is a long time...I'm sure everything will be "ok" ;-)

meg said...

Good luck with the rest of your semester. I see you got your bachelor's in history - so did I! I'm a new follower from last week's walkabout :)

Meg @