Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weigh-in Wednesday - Week 2(ish)

So, I forgot to take a picture of my scale this morning, but imagine something like this:

The good news?  I have actually been running (ish) two to three times (usually three) per week.  I successfully finished week three of the C25K plan, and will be starting week four this week.  The bad news?  I gained weight!  I know my eating hasn't been spectacular, but it hasn't been that terrible, either (or so I thought).

This week, I logged into my old SparkPeople account and am going to start tracking my food intake.  Since the snowpocalypse has taken over, I know that I haven't been too active other than my run workout/work.  Apparently, I need to exercise more, and will try to throw in some weights or a class of some sort at the gym.

Being a weight and a size I'm uncomfortable with really affects all aspects of my life.  I find myself being more sluggish both at home and at work, I'm not sleeping that great, and I have the mantra that "one more _______ (insert delicious food here) won't hurt."  But you know what?  It does.  If I am just putting the calories I burn (or more) back into my body, then guess what?  I'm not going to be losing any weight.  A simple thought, for sure, but one I am struggling with.  I love to eat!  Cutting back is so hard for me.  I feel almost addicted to food, and it makes me happy.  I need to realize, though, that being healthy is going to make me happier, and focus on that.

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