Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday already?

I was fortunate enough not only to have a four day weekend, but yesterday was a snow delay for work.  Yahoo!  It means I have been pretty busy playing catch up, but worth every second.

Friday started with a long awaited massage.  It was wonderful and relaxing.  I always opt for deep tissue on my back, and I found someone who does amazing work.  Another thing I'll have to look for in Korea...

The rest of the weekend?  Well, really uneventful.  That picture above was about the only one I took.  The rest of the time off was spent organizing the house and getting ready to donate things before we move.  Oh, and watching a little known thing called the AFC/NFC championship.  I can't believe that the big game is just a mere two weeks away, and then no more football until next season.  A tragedy, really.  Who are you rooting for?  I think I am going to root for Seattle, shockingly.  They've done really well, and even though I'm an AFC girl, and I also like the Broncos, it's nice to see a team really break out.

Oh, and our precious foster went to his new home!  We are so happy for him, and are already housing a new foster.  Fingers crossed he'll find a home just as fast.


Jen said...

Oh how I need a massage haha.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jen...a massage sounds lovely!


Anonymous said...

A massage sounds amazing! I want to try a professional, but I'm nervous about letting a stranger rub me. My husband loves it and keeps telling me to just go.

WOOO! SEAHAWKS! I do like the Broncos though. I hope it's a good game no matter the outcome.