Monday, January 13, 2014

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Happy Monday folks!  It's funny, between snow days and holidays, it's been quite a while since this girl has put in a full work week.  I work a compressed schedule, with every other Monday off, and sine there's a holiday on the 20th, I get Friday off instead.  Boom.  I really love my job, sometimes.  Four day work week followed by a four day weekend!  Sign me up!

This weekend was fairly uneventful, so that was welcoming.  I've been pretty "go, go, go" since the New Year started, or at least it feels that way.  On Friday, Joel and I went out to go see the movie The Book Thief.  This History loving girl was excited for this thrilling, yet tragic movie.  I won't give much away, but I truly loved this movie.  It was at the second run theater in two, so the $1.50 a ticket price tag made it even more incredible.

We had dinner at Olive Garden, where I may or may not have had one of the best martinis ever.  It was a toasted marshmallow-tini, and was absolutely fabulous.  It's only for a limited time, and we usually don't go to chain places very often, but I may have to make a return trip.

Saturday, we bought a new mattress (hallelujah!) and ran some much needed errands.  We also tried a fabulous new place, which has been on our list for a while now.  Luckily for us, it also allowed us to cross another number off of our 101 things to do in the Lou list!

82. Spend a Saturday afternoon on the Loop

While we have been to "the Loop" before, we have been dying to go to Fitz's.  St. Louis brews its own root beer (as well as various sodas) that is called Fitz's.  They have their own restaurant in the Loop, serving up delicious food and their root beers, and making what I heard were the most amazing floats.  Since it was practically summer at a balmy 50 degrees, we knew it would be the perfect excuse for their floats.  And they were amazing.

Joel got their tex mex (I think that is what it was called) burger, which actually came on a tortilla, and I ordered their pulled pork and fries.  Joel really seemed to enjoy his food, and I really had a fun time with mine.  They make their on BBQ sauce with their root beer, and while it may have been one of the messiest things I have ever eaten, it was beyond delicious.  The fries also had a tasty breading on them that made them quite tasty.  We certainly were stuffed after our adventure, but it was amazing and I can't wait to go back when spring arrives.

Other than that, it was mostly football time.  While my teams went 0-4 for the Wild Card round, this time the only game that I didn't call was the 49er game.  Well, I did think that they would win, but I was hoping that they'd come out losers.  I can't stand Jim Harbaugh.  I'm pretty sure that the Seahawks are going to rip them a new one this coming weekend, so revenge will be had.

Oh, and we now have a new foster pup!  His name is Tucker, and he's been an amazing little addition.  I hope he finds his forever home, soon, but for now we are enjoying having him.


Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

That marshmellow-tini looks so good!
Looks like you had a "delicious" weekend! all that good food, and drinks! oh man! yummm
Thanks for linking up!

xo Showered With Design

Jen said...

I have been dying to try that martini but was unsure of how it would be. Now I will definitely get it! :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend.