Monday, May 13, 2013

Story of my Life - Days 10, 11, 12, & 13

Hi, all!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  I was off on Friday, so I definitely took the day to pamper myself (it was military spouse appreciation day, after all), and then Joel and I got in some much needed quality time after that.  We had date night, a terrible experience at a local place that I plan to blog about later, an epic karaoke night, and some good old fashioned spring cleaning on Sunday.  But, before I get into that, I want to catch up on the Blog Every Day in May challenge, which I royally suck at on the weekends.

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 Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

Ok, I have had a ton of embarrassing moments.  I am clumsy, suffer from foot in mouth disease, and at times, don't have a stupidity filter.  Oh, and let's not forget blond moments.  But one particular situation sticks out in particular.

I consider myself an educated woman.  Even in high school, I was on the honor roll and took a lot of AP classes.  But, there was this one time when I was at Kohls with my boyfriend at the time.  I was looking for a pair of sweatpants, and I saw a really nice looking pair.  It was in the Junior's section of course, and on one butt cheek of them it said "hot" and on the other "tie."  I was all like, "what's a hot tie?"  My boyfriend looked at me like, seriously Kristen?  I looked again and said (loudly, might I add), "oh, hottie!"  After getting looked at like an idiot by everyone within earshot, I hung my head in shame and left.  Reading / teenage girl fail.


Day 11, Saturday: Sell yourself in 10 words or less

Hoosier, world traveler, scholar, blogger, animal lover, and  military wife.


Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)

Well, like the title of my blog suggests, I miss home.  By home I mean two things:  Indiana and feeling settled.

I grew up in the heart of Indianapolis.  Whenever I visit, I just feel at "home."  Of course the city isn't the same, and my friends and family have moved around and even on to other places, but I just love it there.  People are pretty friendly, and there's a sense of belonging when I visit my favorite spots.  I will always be proud of my Hoosier upbringing.

The second half is the feeling of being settled.  As a military wife, being constantly moved around doesn't really allow me to settle down and get comfortable.  The first year we were here I absolutely loved.  We bought a house, discovered some new places that we now love, and made ourselves a part of the community.  But, after that first year I couldn't help but think "where's next?"  I hate the idea of saying goodbye to the places and people I love.  But when duty calls for Joel, away we go.

Day 13, Monday: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

I want to say that I am sorry to my husband.  I am sorry that I make you watch shows like Teen Mom and The Real Housewives.  I am embarrassed most of the time to admit I watch them.  I am sorry I subject you to the same.  And I am even more sorry that you are starting to like some of them.  I am sure if you ask around, won't be alone.

I am sorry that I have control issues.  I never let you control the remote, buy plane tickets or book hotels, or be spontaneous in the way most other women like.  I hate surprises, and I am sorry I ruin most of yours.  I'm also sorry that when you clean most of the time, that I redo what you just did.  I am also sorry that I hate the way that you load the dishwasher and put leftovers away.  But hey, look at it this way: you have a built-in maid, travel agent, and personal planner.  You're welcome.

Sorry babe.
I am also sorry that I make you go with me to concerts / musicals / plays that you really don't care to go see.  I am sorry that even though you've already seen Les Miserables this year in the theater and at the movies that I may ask you to travel to Toronto this winter to see my favorite Broadway actor take the role of Jean Valjean.  While we are on that topic, I am sorry that I made you see Wicked in German.  I am also sorry that I make you go to country concerts even though you don't like the genre.  But, at least I'm introducing you to new experiences, right?

And lastly, I'm sorry that I prefer the NFL over NCAA football, and NCAA basketball over the NBA.  I am sorry that I like NASCAR and that you don't understand it.  I am sorry that you love snowboarding, and I loathe the snow and cold.  I am sorry my Midwestern roots are so different from your Pacific Northwest ones.

But I'm not sorry for loving you, and I'm not sorry that through all of our difference that you continue to put up with me.  Thanks, love.


Anonymous said...

Your embarrassing story made me giggle. Sounds like something that would have happened to my sister and me at the store when we were younger lol

Jen said...

I love your embarrassing story! Made me giggle. :)