Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's OK Thursdays

Linking up with Amber & Neely!

It's ok...that I had class last night, because that is my very last formal class of my graduate program.

It's ok...that today is only Thursday, because I am off work tomorrow!

It's ok... that I have absolutely nothing on my schedule next week.  I need a break.

It's ok...that the weather has been less than stellar.  AT least it's not snowing in May, right?  (Sorry CO peeps).

It's ok...that I am obsessed with this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County.  Everyone needs a vice, right?  Go team Heather!

It's ok...that I am already thinking of what else I can get credentials in.  There's nothing wrong with being a lifelong learner, right?

It's ok...that I have been blogging sometimes twice a day.  I really want to grow this little blog of mine, and I've loved some of the connections I've made so far because of it.


Valerie said...

Love the OC Housewives! Love Heather and Love Gretchen!

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine how annoyed I'd be if it snowed right now. I'm definitely grateful for this rain when you put it that way.

Angie said...

It is snowing in Kansas City right now. My friends and family are not happy.

Jen said...

Yay for your last formal class!! :)