Thursday, May 2, 2013

Story of My Life - Day 2

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Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)


Ok, I'll probably be the oddball on this one, but I'll tell you one random thing that I know all about.  My B.S. was in History and Political Science.  I concentrated on international classes, and became really interested in Medieval and Renaissance History.  Specifically during the reign of the Tudor family in England.

I followed from Henry VII, Henry VIII (and all of his wives), Edward VI, Mary I,and then finally Elizabeth I.  I know their stories, their order, the intrigue, and the rumors surrounding their time on the throne.  When I lived in Germany, I made a special trip to England to specifically visit places I had learned about in school.  Joel and I visited Hever Castle (home of the infamous Anne Boleyn and her family), and while I was talking to Joel about relative historical information, the cutest little old British couple asked if I was giving a tour, and could they listen in.

I wrote my Senior thesis on Anne Boleyn and her influence of the British Reformation.  I hate historical fiction, because the real stories are usually so much interesting.  I especially hated The Other Boleyn Girl as it was a complete mockery of the intricacies of the time, and made people that didn't know any better think that was the true story of Anne Boleyn and her sister Mary, when historians agree that Mary was a complete non-player with Henry.

I know this is the geek in me coming out, but this stuff really interests me.  I swear I should have been born in Europe, because while most of my counterparts concentrated in American History, which is where the jobs are, I had to be a little rebel.  I even went to a private residence in Scotland to see Mary Queen of Scots death mask.  Her death mask, people!  You might call me borderline obsessed, but this is definitely something I know a lot about.


Aleshea said...

I have a double B.S in the same things. We were destined to be blog friends. Yay, for linkups and finding people you are generally excited about following.

Anonymous said...

I read The Other Boleyn Girl and it got me curious about the real story. Do you have any book suggestions? Like real history books? That whole line fascinates me.