Friday, June 4, 2010

One month!

Joel and I have officially been married for one month today! While I am loving married life, I don't really feel like there has been that much transition between dating, our engagement, and now marriage. Each one is new and exciting, and I know I will never get tired or bored with being married, but our relationship is essentially the same. We are still sickeningly cuddly with each other, polite to each other, we still go out on dates, have our respective work schedules (and my schoolwork) to keep us busy, and we still try to travel locally when the weather is good. I guess that is good, though. I think marriage should be a continuation and growth of the wonderful relationship that has already blossomed. Maybe the change is slow going and I just haven't noticed. I am still getting used to saying "my husband" but it is still something that makes me smile every time I do. Maybe little things like that are the change?

In other news, if all goes according to plan we will be moving in one year! We have no idea where yet, but I am looking forward to the adventure. I love living in Europe. I feel so blessed to have had my travels and the experiences that I will never forget, but I am just ready for something new. I hope to return back here one day, but I am looking forward to things like buying a house, getting a new puppy playmate for my dog, starting my Master's degree, etc. All of these things I can't do here in Germany. But, with the blessings the military sometimes bestows upon us (note: sarcasm) I am sure after this coming move I will be ready to root down and stay put. Maybe in 14-ish years!

And here's Pugsley, which helps complete our family!

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