Thursday, May 27, 2010

The male's perspective

I'll be the first person to say that I'm not a “blog” person; and most guys will probably second that statement. But I do appreciate the power a blog has to convey a message and show the internal feelings of an individual. My mom would be proud of me saying this, but it's just like a song sung in a musical, it really shows what the person is going through than just seeing a few cursory words on a facebook update. So here is my perspective.

My wife put it amazingly well: We are totally married! As interestingly as she described it in a previous entry, everything went as well as we could ask for, save, Nathan, my brother, wasn't there (we are praying for you!). Especially when you consider we planned this wedding thousands of miles away in what most would consider a short amount of time. The one plan that fell through, but didn't mater in the end, was we didn't have a photographer. But Georgette and everyone else with cameras (which is everyone nowadays) came to the rescue and we got some great photos to capture that wonderful day.

I'm currently writing this entry from Montenegro. Which sadly means even though I'm newly married, work never adjusts for the worker and I have to be away from my wife for a little while. In addition to what Kristen said in her post for our travels together, I'll be at least going to Montenegro one more time, Israel, Macedonia, and probably two other countries that I don't know about yet before we head back to the states for our next home. The good thing is we are never more than a skype call, IM, or cell phone text message away from each other. Electronic communication will never replace her kiss or touch, but it reminds me of how good and strong our love really is, and it always makes me excited to return to our home, wherever that maybe through the years.

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