Friday, June 25, 2010


So, I get my first award, then I totally get busy and haven't written in a while. Bad Kristen!

This will be short, but I promise I will update later. We got back from Switzerland Sunday night. It was a great visit, we spent too much many (that place is crazy expensive!), got rained on the whole time, but I got Starbucks and indoor water park time, so all was well.

This weekend i get to play Air Force Wife and go to an open house. This will be my first function, so I am pretty excited. Usually I am stuck in army land with my own job. It will be nice to kick back.

Next weekend is Scotland! Heck yeah! Super duper excited (obviously) and preparing for the trip. Picture overload will be coming, I am sure.

Just took midterms and I have a paper due this weekend; ugh. I will be working on all of that and trying to get some quality sleep and hubs time in. Work has been killing me lately.

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