Thursday, May 1, 2014

Taking Stock

So, I saw Michelle from Mish Lovin Life post a taking stock survey that she found over on Pip's blog and it looked fun, so I decided to play along.

Making: Plans for when my in-laws come to visit in one week!  While most would run and hide, I really enjoy mine, so I a, looking forward to the company.
Cooking: Turkey burgers on the grill and corn on the cub.  Oh, and I also made a kick butt cobbler yesterday.
Drinking: This fabulous new Strawberry Hard Cider I discovered from Crown Valley Brewery. 
Reading: Insurgent, the second book of the Divergent Series.  Even though the movie was sub par, I loved the book.
Wanting: PCS (military moving) orders somewhere different.  I'm looking at you, Denver, England, or Germany.

Looking: like a hot mess due to the lack of sleep from my cough and Gomez waking up in the middle of the night now and barking.  What's up with that??
Playing: Bingo on my phone.  Dobbing those numbers is addicting!
Wasting: my life away right now.  See below.
Wishing: for a purpose.  Or the sign to my purpose.  Screw that, no sign.  Someone just tell me what my purpose is!!
Enjoying: the spring weather we have been having.  Finally!
Waiting: for our house to sell.  It officially went on the market today.
Liking: how cuddly the pups have been lately.  Pug cuddles are the best!
Wondering: if/when I am going to get the all clear for our move to Korea.
Loving: that my four year anniversary is this weekend.  Things have been clicking pretty well with Joel lately, and I am more in love than ever.
Hoping: that we will magically receive orders somewhere else (are you sensing the tren here?!).
Marveling: at how the only thing constant is change.
Needing: to find a job in Korea so I don't go crazy.
Smelling: my new strawberry picnic candle from B&BW.
Wearing: my boring work clothes.  Whomp, whomp...
Following: more people on twitter and instagram to combat my late night boredom.  Wanna follow me? Twitter or Instagram - Let me know and I'll follow back!
Noticing: that there are finally flowers growing in our little garden that we planted last fall.
Knowing: that in about a month my stress level will hit the roof.  Thanks, Air Force.  I am not amused.
Thinking: that I should be more grateful for the blessing in my life versus complaining about the bad.  There's a lot of good going on, too.  Venting is just a stress release for me.
Feeling: overwhelmed.  The next house we buy better be our last... 
Bookmarking: travel spots that will be easily accessible to us in Korea.  Embrace the suck, right?
Opening: another box of K-Cups.  Coffee is the secret to life.
Giggling: at cute animal videos on Vine.
Feeling: happy that I am back to blogging more regularly.

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Jamie said...

Hang in there!