Friday, May 16, 2014

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Yes, it's true.  I am back to the blogland!  The past week I've been busy hosting Joel's family, so today's Friday Five will be mostly comprised of time spent with the in-laws.

1.  Well...I did it!  I officially graduated with my master's degree.  I have been hooded and everything.  I am so thankful to be down with that journey, and can hopefully actually use this degree someday, vice my B.S., which was fun and rewarding to get, but has been basically worthless so far.

2.  We basically took the in-laws on an "our favorite food tour" of St. Louis.  Pretty sure I gained a pound or two.  Wasn't I trying to lose weight this spring???

Bogart's BBQ (3rd rated in the country!)

Budweiser Brewery


Mango Peruvian Cuisine
3.  We also started a birthday cake tour!  St. Louis recently celebrated their 250th birthday, so they placed 250 "cakes" around town to celebrate.  Here are a few examples.  Can you guess where they are from?

4.  We went to our first Cardinals game of the year.  For some reason, Joel and I have only seen them play the Cubs together.  Funny coincidence, huh?  This time they won though, and despite the crappy, cold weather...we had some great seats!

5.  Non family related...tonight is the Rascal Flatts concert, and since it's an outdoor theater, we may have to take a blanket.  It's supposed to be in the forties tonight.  What's up with that, May?  Get your act together, stat!


Emily said...

I'm SO happy I came across your blog. I live very close to STL & love seeing your take on the city! I'm jealous (kind of, not the cold part) of the rascal flats concert! I usually always get the megaticket but I couldn't this year sadface. Anyways, I'm looking forward to going out and finding all the cakes!

Have a great weekend, girl!

Les said...

Congrats on finishing your master's! I finished mine last year (in music education), and it was SOOO worth it!

Also, whatever this Fitz's place is... I need to get there like yesterday. That looks absolutely amazing.

Have a fabulous weekend!