Saturday, May 17, 2014

Life is a Funny Thing

Remember when I posted about some decisions I had to make?

God works in mysterious ways.  Seriously...

I had a mini panic attack this week.  I had basically decided that I would move to Korea on my own.

Just me, the dogs (and cat, of course), and a suitcase (or two).  And then, one of the Facebook groups I was one stopped me dead in my tracks.  An AF guy posted a letter he got from housing, saying that they were halting Overseas Housing Allowances (i.e. military rent for living overseas) for spouses that aren't sponsored (like me who was just going there on my own) until they can figure out some legal issue.  Losing my job, paying for me and the pups to fly there, and now having to pay for Korean housing all on my own?  Not sounding so appealing.

So, I had my mild panic attack, and told Joel that I probably wouldn't go with him, unless by some miracle my command sponsorship went through.  I cried, I stressed, I went to sleep feeling lost.

The next morning?  Got a call that my paperwork was approved.  We were pretty much told that was an impossible mission, yet it got approved.  W.T.F.  All that stress?  Pretty much for nothing.  So, it looks like I'm going.  The decision was pretty much made for me.  It will be the two years, but I still have my application in for a few jobs, so fingers crossed that something works out on that end for me.

To summarize...I'm moving to Korea.  Holy Cow!  Third I will have lived a third of my live overseas.  Three different countries.  Heck, three different continents.  Holy new adventures, Batman!


Angie said...

How exciting that you are going to Korea! I hear it is a beautiful country. I can't wait to read about your adventures there.

Kristin said...

Congrats! I'm glad it's all starting to work out :)