Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday

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1.  Happy Friday, everyone!  I know that most of us had a short week, but this week was crazy at work.  One of my co-workers took another job.  I am stoked for her, but I've been voluntold to take over her work until there's a replacement found.  As "honored" as they told me I should feel, I'm not very happy about the situation.  I'm totally a team player, but it's totally going to screw my section up, and I'm going to lose my cush hours in the process.

2.  On the other hand...I, too, have a job interview next week!  It would be a huge promotion, but that puts me in a sticky situation, because it means that I would be stuck here while Joel goes to Korea.  Not ideal, but it's a great career move for me.  Lots of wives stay behind sometimes, but I never saw myself being one of them.  I've sacrificed my career enough for his, though, so if I happen to land the promotion, I may have to be selfish for a while.  And I'll have to look for an apartment, because...

3.  We sold our house!  It was only on the market for three weeks, so it went much faster than expected.  Our realtor said that the process has normally been taking about three months, so we should feel pretty good about things.  I might be living in a hotel for a few months, though, because we close much sooner than we thought.  Eek!

4.  I'm really starting to get worried about Pugsley, and it's breaking my heart.  He's 16 now, and even though he's in pretty good physical condition, we think his mind is deteriorating.  We've had him on Xanax for about 6 months now, because he was barking and crying at things that weren't there, and he seemed pretty restless.  The pills had been working, but the past 2 out of 3 nights, he's been crying for hours in the middle of the night, not needing to potty, though, and just walking around the bed.  He's also randomly "pug screaming" for no reason, which isn't like him.  The poor boy just looks anxious all the time.  I feel so lost...I have no idea what to do...

5.  On a better note, next week is my girls' weekend in Seattle!  I am so stoked.  I'll miss Joel, of course, but I need this time.  I have never been, so we have some sightseeing planned, as well as a wine tour, which is pretty amazing.  I've had wanderlust all year, and while these trips have been stateside, they have at least scratched the itch.


Jen said...

Yay for having a job interview! I am so excited for you.

Jackie @ Our Nashville Life said...

Poor Pugsley. I'll say a prayer for your little pup. <3


Kristin said...

Your poor pup. That breaks my heart, just thinking about it :(
What kind of job is the interview for?

Katiellirb said...

Congrats on the job interview! You're totally going to rock it! :) And I'm so sorry about Pugsley. I will keep you all in my prayers!