Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, Monday

Did this weekend go by way too quickly for anyone else?  Wow, Not only the weekend, but where in the world did January go?  Oh, and my youth?  (I kid, I kid...kind of.)

We had a jam packed weekend.  First, a recap of the delicious Mexican place we ate it.  It just opened last week, and we are desperate for good Mexican.  It is fairly close to the base, and is called La Casa Mexicana.  They have a location established in Edwardsville, IL (that we've never been to), but we went to their O'Fallon, IL one.  It was delicious.  Not to spicy, but it had a ton of flavor.  There was a wait, which was expected since they were so new, but it was definitely worth the wait.  And on top of their delicious food, they had one of the best daiquiris that I have ever had.  Yum!

Saturday, my sister wanted to go and play mini golf, and just her luck there was a place in Chesterfield, MO called CHesterfield Sports Fusion that had indoor putt-putt, laser tag, dodgeball, video games...basically a kid's paradise.  It was fun to act like we were in our tweens again, and of course I had to stop by my favorite BBQ place in the area, PM BBQ.  It was amazing, per usual.

Oh!  And on Saturday morning, Joel ran a 6K across a new bridge that was set to open to traffic for the first time the following day.  I was supposed to run, too, but didn't on Doctor's orders.  Man, I am going to be so far back by the time I can run again.  It was cold and windy, but he got his best 6k time ever.  He is turning into a racing fool!

Sunday was, you guessed it...the Olympics!  We had a marathon day of watching the events, to include the Opening Ceremony which we DVRed.  It always makes me cry to see such unity, especially when countries like Israel are followed by places like Iran, and done so peacefully and respectfully.  If only for that moment.  I love the graphics of the world that made the athletes look like they were coming out of their country on a map.  So cool!  Plus, since this is our first Sunday sans football (a moment of silence, please), we needed a sports fix.  Score!


Jen said...

All of that food looks amazing, I would like some now. :)

Anonymous said...

That food looks amazing! I'm not even hungry and I feel like I'm drooling. Sounds like a really fun weekend!