Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday - Week five!

Link up with Erin and Alex!

Ok, I am not going to pretend I had a good week.  I battled headaches for five days, felt under the weather, and I can never seem to get full when it is cold out, so I know my calorie intake wasn't too great.  I mostly kept up at the start of the week, but kind of lost track.  So, bad fitness week and bad Lenten week.

But, every day is a new day, and I am starting fresh.  I had a great workout with my trainer yesterday, and am charting my caloric intake.  But, since I didn't weigh-in this morning, and I have been in the snacking mood lately, I thought I would just highlight some of my recent snacking/food finds.

Perfect little snack!  The Raspberry with dark chocolate is my fave.

These are great to grab and go for breakfast.  And so much protein!
One word...yummers!

These are fab when a sweet craving hits.


Jen said...

I've tried the pastry crisps and they are really good!

Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

Stoping by from the link up. I have tried the jimmy dean and I love it. Special K has them too. They are great. Love the crisps. Saw the yogurt at fresh market. Almost grabbed some but forgot. But I love those yogurt in big form.