Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So, the hubster isn't around right now and I'm feeling rather nostalgic.  Four years ago today, Joel asked me to be his wife.  It is kind of a funny story.  It wasn't at the time, but it is now.  Basically, we decided to go to Rome for the weekend (oh, how I miss living abroad).  I had been before and loved it, but Joel had yet to go.  I went a few Februaries before, and it was cool, but not cold, and fairly sunny.

Well, the February that we decided to go, Rome decided it would be fun to snow.  So after numerous flight delays, landing in the wrong airport, arriving to our hotel after a horrendous faux cab ride that I almost killed Joel for putting me in, and scary killer clowns I had to avoid, Joel decided to get down on one knee in front of the Trevi fountain and ask me to be his wife.  I still smile when thinking of that moment.  Without sounding too cliche (epic fail), it was like time stood still.  I just knew I would say yes, even though I had thought about breaking things off after I almost died in the cab Joel put me in (seriously).

There was a lot of faith and circumstances that led to us meeting, let alone coming this far.  I have no doubt that God had His hand in all of this.  Even though I get frustrated with the military and the separations and the nonsense, I would make the same decision all over again.  If you're reading this, Joel, you are one amazing man.  Thank you for choosing to spend your life with me.

Me and my new bling, and our post-engagement celebratory gelato.

Joel at the scene of the crime, just minutes before he popped the big question.


Jen said...

What wonderful memories you have to look back on. :)

Courtney Brown said...

Aww so cute!!! I know being seperated sucks(mine is stationed in Japan right now) but the fun times we can look back on make the distance so much easier!

Anonymous said...

What a great engagement story! He picked a good spot to propose too, it's such an intimate and beautiful fountain.