Thursday, December 27, 2012

Random Thursday

So, I am going to try something a little different this Thursday.  Instead of trying to catch up with my last blog challenge (note to self, don't do those around the holidays, I am going to participate in...

This week's topic is:

We are having a fairly low key New Year's.  In other words, we are boring people.  We plan on going out to a nice dinner for NYE, toasting with mimosa's at midnight (if we make it that long...ha!) and having brunch in the morning.

As far as plans and hopes for the New Year, I plan on making it the year of "me."  I know that doesn't make much sense, so I will try to explain it the best I can.

I tend to put other's first.  Not in a completely selfless way, but in a way like "hey, Joel's home.  Let's do nothing but hang out together" kind of way.  I need to start doing things that improve me, even if they mean spending a little more time apart.  Our time together is precious, because often the military likes to take him away for short and long periods of time, and I am great at taking care of myself when he is gone.  But, when he's home, I throw all of that away to just be with him.  And while that's great, I need to keep taking care of myself.  So, next year, I vow to (try) to:

- spend more time doing what I need to do with class stuff to avoid the last minute freak-out

- spend more time at the gym taking care of my fitness

- pay more attention to the food I put into my body, and making sure it is more healthy and natural

- make time to call friends more, rather than just sending a text

- spend more time reading for pleasure, and not just for school

- be more active with my pups

- spend more time giving this blog the attention it deserves

- take care of myself better - hair, teeth, nails, skin...I'm old(er) now, and I can't take that kind of stuff for granted anymore

- become more spiritual - attend Mass more, delve into Bible studies / religious reading

What are some of your plans for the New Year?


Jamie said...

I REALLY need to work on my food intake. I want to switch my husband & daughter entirely to organic meat and cut our dairy consumption by at least half (to use substitutes).

LWLH said...

I need to work on alot of these things myself.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I really want to work more at my career and find a job that means something!

Lin said...

Nice NYE plans. Low key, that's my kind of night :)

Girl, I totally get wanting to spend more time on 'you' rather than everyone else. We tend to take ourselves for granted when we're so busy with everything else. Good luck, I hope you do follow through with all of this!

Katrin said...

I want to take some more time to read for pleasure too. I haven't done that enough in 2012!

Cocalores said...

Good plans - good luck with them! And a low key NYE is always fun!