Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It was the freaking weekend, and I had me some fun!

Why does the weekend go so quickly?  I feel like it was just here and now BAM!  It's gone.  Just like that.  Now that the pouting is done, I'm excited to announce that two out of my three classes have bit the dust!  I have one paper left to write and one chapter review due, and then I can feel like a normal human being for four weeks.  Then the pain starts all over again in January.  Meh...

So the weekend.  Friday was interesting.  I've been trying to get Joel to go to a yoga class with me just to try it out and see what all it is I do (when I have time to go).  A guy he works with told him about a couple's yoga class at a place I hadn't been to, and he was willing to try that out.  Well, it wasn't really a yoga class at all.  It was more like a massage tutorial.  We may have done a whole 90 seconds of yoga in the 90 minute time frame, but it was still a fun experience.  It was quiet and calm, and we really got to spend some one on one time together, so it wasn't a total failure.  He still owes me a real yoga class, though.  Afterwards, we went out to grab some pizza and I may have discovered a new favorite place.  Yeah, the pizza was good, but check this out:

Excuse the crappy phone pic.

Yes my friends, what you see before you is a martini flight.  They had a gazillion martini flavors, and I couldn't just pick one.  I picked four.  I'm not a huge drinker or anything, but I do love me a good martini.  Or in this case, four.  Joel also tried a beer flight that he was pretty pleased with.  We will be back.

Saturday was a fairly restful day.  We were supposed to go on a local "cookie walk" in our town, but my foot was (and still is) acting up, so we skipped out on that one and did some Christmas shopping.  Afterwards we went down to the Central West End in St. Louis, which is one of my favorite spots, to try out a new place for dinner.

It was called the Sub Zero Vodka Bar.  Joel likes sushi, and much to his dismay I can't stand it, and this place had burgers and sushi.  A win-win, even though the concept didn't leave us expecting much.

Blurry Vodka Menu
The first thing to note is that the place has the largest selection of vodka in the U.S.  I know, crazy random, right?  And while I'm not one for shots of vodka, I did partake in a martini that the waiter recommended.  Not only was it tasty, but it came in the cutest little glass!

And Joel was pretty impressed with the Sushi.  He's kind of spoiled since he lived in Japan and all, and while he said it was a little pricey, it was definitely much better than he expected.  He splurged on his favorite sushi treats, and was pretty satisfied with the meal.

As far as my burger goes, it was pretty decent.  I've had better, but I've had much worse.  It had a really good flavor, and the cheddar I got on it was delish!  I'm not a fan of massive burgers, but if you are, then this would be the burger for you.  It was pretty thick in my books, but if Joel had a sushi craving, I'd be more than happy to go back and have another burger.

I didn't get a picture of my actual burger, but this one was found here from another Sub Zero review.

All in all it was a great weekend.  Sunday was filled with homework and football (per the norm) and getting ready for work on Monday.


Ashley R said...

I am such a martini fan! Those all look amazing. So fun!

Jen said...

Everything looks amazing!!! Love me some martinis. :)