Monday, December 3, 2012

31 Days of Blogging, Days 1 & 2

Gosh, I already messed up with day 1.  D'oh!  I got back much later than expected from my secret event Saturday night.  I can't wait to share it all with you!

So here goes. 

Day 1:  Recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourselfOk, here's an awful phone picture and sneak peek of what I wore to the event Saturday night.

15 facts about myself.  Not sure if they're interesting or not!

1.  I am an Aries, and while I use to personify my astrological sign, I feel like I am getting less and less away from it as I get older.
2.  Even though I am married to someone in the military, I am a pacifist.  War is so hard for me to conceptualize, and even though I am very pro-military, I am anti-war.  Does that make sense?
3.  I have tiny feet, and it's really hard for me to find shoes!  I am a 5 or 5 1/2, and when I was in Germany, I was a Euro 35.  Sometimes they didn't make women's shoes that small, so I often had to wear kids shoes!
4.  I have always had big dogs growing up.  We had a Pitbull, Rottweiler, Great Dane, Collie...but, once I rescued my Pug Pugsley, I knew that Pugs were the breed meant for me.
5.  I love living overseas more than I like living in the states.  I love to travel, and miss being so close to everything.  I think I might have been a European in my past life.  (Kidding!  Maybe...)
6.  I drive a VW Beetle, and I love it.  People always tell me that they're not surprised I drive one, and I have yet to figure out what that means...
7.  I hate conflict and I avoid it at all costs.
8.  I may have an unhealthy obsession with white chocolate.  I'm waiting to hear the health benefits of it, because dark can't be the only healthy chocolate!
9.  I have a lot of anxiety over change.  And while we are talking about anxiety, I hate when I am faced with two good decisions.  I always feel like I am going to pick the wrong one.
10.  I may also have an unhealthy shoe addiction.  I have about 6 or 7 pairs of boots alone.
11.  I absolutely cannot go to the gym looking like a slob.  No, I don't do my hair or make-up, but putting on something I'm not embarrassed to be seen in public in is a motivator for me.
12.  I miss my hometown of Indianapolis.  I'm not sure what I long for there, but I am so content when I am home.
13.  If I could have any job, I would be an attorney.  It's all I wanted to be as a kid, and I'd still like to go to Law School.  Looks like it just isn't in the cards for me anytime soon.
14.  I really wish Joel would get out of the military.  I hate being a military wife, and would give up the job security (for him, not me) if it meant I never had to go six months or more away from him again.
15.  I am the biggest cry baby.  I cry over sad songs, name it.  I would even cry at a funeral for someone that I haven't ever met.  But, I am a bad consoler.  When people tell me sad news, I tend to cry right along with them.

Day 2:  The meaning behind your blog name.

Nothing significant, really.  I haven't found a name I've just loved yet, so this title is a working one.  I'm always up for better suggestions.


Jen said...

You look sooo pretty! I love that dress. :)

lesley: the dream tree said...

I love these!!