Monday, October 24, 2011

Lombardo's St. Louis - A Review

So, I received a coupon from Lombardo's of St. Louis for 20% off of our meal and a free bottle of wine.  Who can pass that up?  Not this girl!  Plus, it is located right next to Union Station, which is on my 101 in The Lou list. on!

We showed up at 6pm on a Saturday night.  If you do decide to go, make reservations!  We didn't.  Luckily, they had one table left.  Unluckily, it was in the corner of the bar area right next to the telephone.  But, it was our fault, and I was just happy to have a table.

Our waiter was awesome!  I wish I would have gotten his name, but he did an excellent job waiting on us.  The only wine we could with our coupon get was either a Chardonnay or a Cabernet, so since I didn't care for either, Joel and my friend Sarah, who tagged along, got to enjoy it.  They described it as perfectly fine for house wine.  Then we got some yummy house made focaccia bread with cheese, which was actually the only thing I snapped a picture of!  It was pretty delish, actually.

I ordered the Chicken Parmesan.  I was surprised at the $18 price tag, so I was expecting a lot out of the dish.  It came out and was an excellent sized portion.  Perfectly filling for dinner.  The Chicken was fantastic!  Excellently seasoned, with the right amount of cheese, which I remember being mozzarella.  The pasta, well...that left more to be desired.  It was semi-warm, with a below average marinara sauce.  There was nothing wrong with it, per se, but it didn't have a whole lot of flavor.  We had to wait quite a while on our food, which was fine because they were busy, but I expected my food to at least be warm, you know?

I have to give this place a 2.5/5 stars.  The pluses were the awesome waiter, yummy bread, and fantastic chicken.  The minuses were the mediocre pasta sauce, the temperature of the food, the above average prices, and the long, yet understandable, wait for the food.  We had plans afterwards, and since we weren't told the kitchen was behind, we were quite late.  And come on, it was an Italian restaurant.  Shouldn't the sauce be the best thing about the place?

Overall: we were glad we gave it a try, but won't be making it back.

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