Friday, October 28, 2011

Is it really almost Christmas?

So, lately I have been seeing Christmas decorations everywhere, and let me just say, I am not excited to see them.  Christmas is never as relaxing as it should be!  In fact, the only non stressful part of Christmas I have found lately comes in the form of the Christmas cards that we make each year. For that, I have Shutterfly to thank. They make it fun and easy to get creative (which I am normally not!) in order to make some personal and beautiful Christmas cards. Last year's were fantastic! We took some of our favorite travel pictures and made a collage on a photo card and added some fun holiday quotes. Bam!  The perfect Christmas card!  They were fantastic, and our friends and family really seemed to enjoy them.  Here are some examples of what I am loving this year.
This is the exact template that we used last year!  I am excited to see it back.  It worked so well for us.  Somehow I am going to have to scan in what we did...

How fun is this?  Please someone I know with kids send this one to me!

Lastly, I think the dogs are getting their own ornament this year.  What a perfect way to remember 2011!

So, anyone know yet what their Christmas cards are going to look like, yet?

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Alana said...

I've looked through Shutterfly's cards and I still can't decide! There are so many good ones!