Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This has been a super busy time for me.  I never thought, being without a job, that I would say that, but here I am!  We went to Branson, I finished my first Master's class (with an A, no less!), I completed the Illinois Basic Skills test (still awaiting results), and I finished the whirlwind experience of completing a sub packet for my county.  Whew!  I'm not sure how much of a breather I am going to have, because I am still in my other class and will be starting a new one next week.  I am also looking for a chance to volunteer somewhere, and still take care of my pups and hubby.  Oh, and did I mention that I was still looking for a job?

Also, I am finally starting to get into the 2012 presidential race.  I love politics, but have yet to side with a candidate yet.  So, I decided to watch my first GOP debate of the season.  I know I am a moderate, but the GOP debate last night made me sad for humanity. Cut all federal aid? Don't cut a penny from the defense budget? All federal employees are rich and 10% need to lose their jobs? Uhh...I'm not rich and I am still awaiting a placement. And really, enough with the freaking fence already. Worked awesome in Berlin and Israel/Palestine, right? Oh, wait...  Ok, enough with my view...for now, lol.  I will hopefully keep up with the race and have a more well-rounded opinion.  I just need for them to get better and more in touch with reality.  That goes with Obama, too.  I'm not exactly excited about him, either.

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