Monday, February 14, 2011

Just Another Maldives Monday...

I am a lover of food.  If it didn't make me gain weight, I would eat all of the time.  Seriously.  Especially being in Europe.  I love trying new restaurants, new desserts, new cafes, new wine, and new coffee shops.  I was a little apprehensive booking our trip in the Maldives food-wise because, well, mass produced food isn't always the best.  The island came with an all-inclusive buffet, serving a variety of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  And let me just say that the place totally exceeded my expectations.
(Just a part of the buffet, with fruit, salads, and pasta
and stir fry station shown.)

There was anything you could want, from a carving station, seafood, pasta, potatoes, fruits and veggies, salads, and even some BBQ thrown in!  Joel said they had some of the best curry that he had ever tasted, and, well, I loved the yummy hash browns and french toast that they had for breakfast.  Yum!  I wish I had taken more pictures of the food we ate at the buffet, but I was too busy stuffing my face.  It was that awesome.

And then, because we were on our honeymoon, the island threw in a free four-course candlelight dinner on the beach.  I didn't think the food could get any better, but Meeru surprised me once again!
The first course (appetizer) was smoked salmon, grilled shrimp, and some sort of crab concoction on cucumbers.  Sorry that you guys are getting a picture minus one shrimp!  I just couldn't wait to dig in.  It was tres delicious!
Here you will find the yummiest fruit that I have ever eaten.  Seriously.  We were offered salad during our second course, but I just had to have some more of this yummy fruit.  Fresh mangoes, papayas, oranges, melon, apples, and pineapple.  I will probably never eat this goof of fruit again.

The third course, well...I forgot to take a picture.  It was flambeed potatoes with BBQ chicken on top of a filet of steak.  It was good until I got to the sauce on the steak.  While everything else was great, I was not a fan of whatever they put on that steak.  A little disappointing...that is until the dessert came!
I have no idea what this was called, but it was a lot of awesome!  The hard layers were like a flaky, almost baklava sort of taste, and in between was a creamy chocolate thing.  There is a sugary substance on top, with the yummiest strawberry.  OMG.  To die for!

All in all, this has to be the best buffet style food I have ever eaten.  There was something for everyone (even the most pickiest eater, a la moi) and it definitely didn't taste mass produced.


Uncork and Unwined said...

YUM!!! I LOVE to eat and try new places too. I would kill for that fruit right now!!!

Ailinh Harris said...

Oh my word. Those foods look like they are absolutely to die for! Delish! And salmon and shrimp for an appetizer? Yes, please!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Delicious! Food is my love language :)