Thursday, February 17, 2011


This will be a very exciting weekend for me and Joel.  We have never had friends visit either one of us, but on Friday, Joel's best friend from like, forever ago, is coming to Europe with her husband and will be stopping by for a visit!  They are doing a European trek, and we will be showing them the German feel of things, since they will spending the remainder of their time outside of Germany.

We are going to Cochem, Germany and Trier, Germany to visit random castles, go wine tasting, and, of course, enjoy the yummy food!  Fingers crossed that the weather will be decent and not *too* cold.

In other news, well...not too much "other" news to report.  Everything is pretty quiet on the homefront.  That will all change soon enough with our move this summer, so right now, we are just going to enjoy the peace and quiet.

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