Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Portland - A Recap (Part 1)

So, even though Joel was born and raised in Portland, this was only my second trip to Oregon.  When I went the first time, it was before we were married (or even engaged) and during Christmastime, which was filled up with his family events rather than sight seeing and vacationing.  I know my in-laws would hate to hear this, but I much preferred my July experience over my December one.

I've always experienced hot, humid summers in the Midwest.  Joel kept telling me how nice it was without humidity.  Well, one point for Oregon, because it was glorious.  Every morning we ate breakfast and drank our coffee out in the backyard.  There was no sweating, no hair frizzing...just warm, pleasant weather.  It was indeed very, very nice.

But, they weren't kidding when they called Portland the hipster capital of the world.  While I embrace some of the hipster culture (al fresco dining, taking my pooches out and about, and local markets), I felt a bit out of place there.  Like I wasn't cool enough to join the popular kids.  I know how odd that sounds, but despite feeling like an outsider, for the most part the people of Portland were friendly enough and I had a great time.  Well, enough of that, right?  Picture time!

The Grand Canyon!  From the plane, of course.

Beautiful mountain.  We don't have these in the midwest!

My sweet in-laws.


These were fandomly done in some fancy schmancy neighborhood.

Happy 4th form us!

Of course, Voo-doo Doughnuts!

Me and the hubster, happy to be home.

Beautiful city views.

The infamous Powell's bookstore.
On the plane, sad ot leave.


Katiellirb said...

Gosh, I feel like Portland's cool factor has really toppled the scale! Everywhere I go, people are talking about Portland! But I did hear the traffic awful. Oh well, definitely a trade off! You crack me up with the hipsters comment. I sooo wanted to ask about the hipsters! That's why we're soulmates :)

Jen said...

Ahh now I want to visit there!! You guys look great!

Anonymous said...

I seriously cannot wait to move back to Portland. I was so happy to move back after college and then I was so mad that I fell for a military guy that took me away again. I'm so thankful he's growing to enjoy the city more and more every time we visit.