Monday, January 14, 2013

Working on my fitness - update!

Is it really already the middle of January?  I swear, the older I get, the more time flies.  Well, anygettingofftrack, although I haven't lost any weight so far in the month of January, I am working on getting my rear in gear (ha, I just rhymed...I'm hilarious, wink, wink) on this whole fitness thing.  There are a few changes/decisions I have made to help me accomplish my goals.

1.  I downloaded the Couch to 5K Running app.
I started this program (C25K) over the summer, and had a lot of success with it.  I made it to week five or six before Joel got back from his deployment, and then dropped it like a bad habit.  It got some glitch or something, so I deleted it off of my phone.  Since I had that awful run time, I thought it was time to go back to the basics and start over.  Week 1, Day 1 completed.  Week 1 Day 2, to accomplish (hopefully) tomorrow.

Great and free!

2.  I bought a heart rate monitor.
Now, I don't know if this is total BS or what, but Joel listened to a fitness guru talk about how you should train your body within your target heart rate.  I wore it for the first time when I did the above run, and at about halfway through it, I never got back down to my target heart rate.  Now, I don't know what to really do about that, but I will be having a googlefest to try and figure out how to get back in my target heart rate while doing the C25K program.  And while I don't have much experience with heart rate monitors, I have to say the one I bought was super comfortable to wear and program, so if you're looking for one, I would definitely think it's a good one for the basics.

Bought from Amazon here.

3.  I hired a personal trainer.
Some might consider this cheating a bit, bit I'll be the first one to admit I need help.  I bought some kettlebells for home and I have a yoga DVD, but I find that I never want to do them.  I would much rather go to a yoga or exercise class.  I know trainers cost an arm and a leg, but there is a fellow milspouse that does personal training on base for much less than normal gyms start at.  I know where I am weak at, and that's pushing myself.  But, I am excellent at staying on a schedule, so having her there for accountability will be the push that I believe I will need in the beginning.  My first meeting with her is on 22 January.  I hope I'm ready!

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Katiellirb said...

You go girl! I think the personal trainer is a great idea! I need to get in gear myself, or as you cleverly said get my "rear in gear" (love it!) Im thinking of getting an elliptical b/c that is the one exercise I actually stick with. But such an investment! AGh!

Jen said...

You are awesome! I think a personal trainer is a wonderful idea. :)

Christin Theiss said...

I wish i could hire a personal trainer! around here the deals are hard to come around! and I cant believe I didn't look on amazon for that watch! *#&)^(& I bought it at Kohl's [$200] lol although i used it for two days and brought it back after a month because i never used it, i thought it would be motivation but It was a waste of money for me. I hope this all works for you GOOD LUCK!

Daliene said...

I hope the HRM helps! I have one and I haven't used the heart rate part but I keep up with my pace/milage.