Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, Monday...

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  I didn't, actually.  It wasn't awful or anything, I just didn't really do much and Joel is off playing military man somewhere, so I had a really unproductive weekend.  So, instead, I am going to talk to you about something I did a few weeks ago that was super fabulous!

If you've been to St. Louis, then you know that the downtown area has sorely been lacking a movie theater,  Some of our favorite restaurants are down on Washington Avenue, but it's at least another 15-20 minutes if we want to do dinner and a movie.  Well, my prayers have been doubly answered.  A new movie theater opened up right where I always hoped one would, plus it has the added bonus of ordering a yummy dinner (if you want) right from your seat.  Joel and I were some of the lucky few (or 300 or so) theater goers that were able to attend their grand opening.  No food service was available (yet), but we were able to taste some of the many samples and order popcorn and yummies for the moves.
A blurry selfie of me and Joel.
Marshmallow popcorn.  I die.  Sounds weird...but totally delicious!

Me (and apparently my big forehead) trying out the shrimp toast.
The opening was a little crowded, but well attended.
I was looking forward to this new theater, which boasts en entire menu of food, plus a bar and the usual concession stand.  The seats were pretty fun, and you could lift the armrest for a little coddling up.  And of course, I was stoked to see that they were playing Les Miserables, so I had to go and see that, right?
A view of the theater.
Pros:  Super diverse menu, yummy food (from what I tasted), three different theaters, for diversity, a non-traditional atmosphere, and superb service.  And ordering from a tablet at your seat?  Genius.

Cons:  The menu was chef created, so those that might be picky eaters could have a hard time finding something.  Also, the chairs weren't very comfortable, although they looked like they would be, so that was tough for a really long movie.

Overall, though, this was just the kind of spot we were looking for, so bravo to the STL Downtown team.  And if you're in the area, I would recommend checking MX Movies out.  Oh, and if you aren't tempted by their menu, Pi is located in the same building.  Can you say yummers?!


Jen said...

What a cool idea!! :)

LWLH said...

We have one of those here, but it's alot more low class than that. :)

Still, it's fun to have dinner and a movie together.