Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's ok Thursday.

I always see this link-up, but today I've decided to play along!
It's ok...
That even though I'm not a coffee purist, that I still love my coffee and must have at least one cup a day to survive.
That last night even though I had a ton to do after class I just decided instead to cuddle with my pups and watch the Real Housewives.
That I am in a shopping mood 24/7 lately.  Hey, I work...right?  I deserve nice things.
And speaking of shopping, (I'm talking to you, snotty store girl) it's ok that I only tend to shop from the clearance rack.  Hey, I like a bargain.  I don't make that much money.
That I am planning a trip to NYC for my Birthday.  I want to start the last year of my twenties in one of my favorite cities to make me feel better.
That I am already wearing boots (Mr. Judgey Mc Judgerson at work).  It's fall, gosh darn it, and I will wear them all I want to!
That I've been feeling kind of bummed about life lately.  I know it will pass, and a pity-party is occasionally ok.  Right?
That I have been procrastinating with schoolwork lately.  I always end up getting it turned in.  Might not want to press my luck this semester, though.
That I think about moving to Chicago all the time.  Maybe one day I can actually convince the hubster to move there.  I'm looking up condos now, just in case.


Nikki said...

I've been in a pity party mood too! Also, I grew up in Indiana and my grandpa was an Air Force vet who took us to Scott AFB for his meds and drs appts and shopping once a month when I was a kid! So cool that you're there!

Adrianna Domingos-Lupher said...

Carmen and I are major coffee drinkers! Granted, require more than one cup of day each to be civil and smiley!

Jennifer @Got HarMoney? said...

I enjoyed reading this! I could relate to you in so many different ways :-).