Sunday, April 1, 2012

Iron Fork

Ok, so we all know how much I love food.  Well, if you could see my waistline you would know this.  So I was super stoked to get tickets to the St. Louis Iron Fork event.  It was held in the Marriott in Union Station (BTW, Union Station is worth a check out in itself).  It had 30 restaurants featured and 12 mixologists, each with a sampling of yumminess.  Of course I couldn't visit all of them, but I think I did my best.  Here are a few reviews.

 The Entrance.  Oh, yeah.  I forgot to mention there was free wine and beer.

 So many people!

 Ok, I have no idea what this is called, but it reminded me of bread pudding.  It was fantastic!  Harvest folks explained that they use as much local and/or organic products that they can.  Score one for going local!

 Here is a huge example of Toasted Ravioli, invented right here in the STL.  I can't for the life of me remember what restaurant this was from (they didn't have handy little cards) but, it was just ok.  Not too memorable.  I have definitely had better.

There was plenty of BBQ to go around!  I really enjoyed PM BBQ.  Dare I saw it was my favorite of the event?  There was also Bogart's BBQ (had it, very good, will do a review later) and Pappy's (see below), which go back and forth for the best in the 'Lou, but PM BBQ was definitely my favorite of the night.  I may have to make the trip to try it again.

 Bless the people at the mud house.  They had tone of little deserts, and the guy said I could try one of each!  There was (from left-ish) a blueberry scone, something I can't remember, gingerbread, banana bread, a brownie, and an almond milk cupcake.  Each one was phenomenal, but my favorite would be the gingerbread or the brownie.  I would definitely recommend this place if you have a sweet tooth.

 This was an interesting choice.  It was a beef slider, mixed with a little bit of pork.  It had a white cheese (not sure which kind) and an eggy sauce on top.  While the burger itself was pretty tasty, and the cheese complimented it well, I was not a fan of an eggy burger.

 Oh, Pappy's.  I had heard so much about this place, I was dying to try it.  Apparently, they make everything fresh each day, and usually sell out by 7 or 8 at night.  It totally did not disappoint!  While PM BBQ was my favorite, I really enjoyed the sweet BBQ sauce that Pappy's provided, and would definitely recommend this to anyone in the area.  The people of St. Louis know their BBQ.

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