Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What a "Suite" Life

So, there's a lot of perks that come with my new gig at the foundation.  First and foremost is that I love what I do every day, and even basic tasks give me a sense of accomplishment, because I know every little piece is a part of something great.

An unexpected perk came on last Tuesday.  We apparently host the occasional "suite night" where we have various people involved with the foundation out to a Cardinals game in the owner's suite.  Well, I was actually asked to go!  I felt like such a VIP.  They had a buffet set up and a dessert cart (more on that yumminess later!).  And best of all?  The 'birds pulled off a win against the reds!  Can I say awesome?  Well, I hope so, because I just did.

 Our special VIP entrance.

 Inside the suite.

 Look at this table!  I totally want one.  And the bats came from another one of my favorite 'Lous!

 See!  Proof that I was there!

 The best dessert cart in the world!  Yummers!

 Have I said lately how much I love the Lou?  Cause I totally do.

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