Friday, April 20, 2012

The Big 2-8!

Ok, I hate my birthday.  Loathe it, actually.  You know what's worse for me than getting another year closer to 30?  Doing it with my husband deployed.  But, thank God for small miracles.  My dear friend and her husband took pity on me and took me out for my Birthday.  We had dinner and went to a fun chocolate bar in Saint Louis for birthday martinis.  It was a blast!

Me in all of my birthday glory.

So, 28 is here...and it's ok, I suppose.  I miss Joel like crazy, but I am staying busy.  I think that's the key to surviving a deployment.  Always stay busy.  Between work and my grad school classes, there's enough to keep me busy, but not overwhelmed.  And of course, the pugs.  They're awesome little guys, well, most of the time...

Anywho, that's about all from  my end.  I may have some exciting and scary news to share soon, but that is TBD.  Right now I am just trying to enjoy life and all that it has to offer right now.  And missing my husband...almost 1/3 of the way done with this stupid deployment!

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Rosemary said...

Happy Birthday!!
I LOVE THE CHOCOLATE BAR (assuming it was Baileys). That place was so good!