Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Going to the Lou!

Well, Labor Day weekend we finally decided to get out and enjoy our new city.  The 'burbs have been very good to us, but we wanted to be tourists in our own city, and see the sights!

We started it in a really cool area called Laclede's Landing.  It was a really neat place!  It is located in "Old St. Louis" near the waterfront, and it really had a lot of charm.  It was chocked full of small little restaurants that had al fresco dining, which I am smitten with, and we found out most of them allow pets to join in if you decided to sit outside.  Score!  Here are a few pictures.
The Landing

We also decided to go up into the arch.  The arch had a fantastic view, but was really crowded over the weekend.  I definitely recommend to all visitors to get tickets in advance!
View from the top of Busch Stadium!
Happy and hot, crammed in our pod on the way to the top.

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