Thursday, October 14, 2010


Ok, so I lied last time.  I swear I will eventually post my pictures from London, but I am still on a "Hungary high."  Budapest was so much more than we expected!  It was a relaxing trip, for once, and I am really glad we chose to go.  It was a really random, last minute trip, but a definite recommendation.

So, here are five things about Budapest!

1.  It is pronounced not the way it is spelled, but like "booda pesht."  We were reminded of this several times throughout our trip.

2.  Budapest has the cutest restaurants/cafes that I have ever seen!  I fell in love with this cafe that we just happened to stop off at right before we left the city.  Best part of our trip.  Also, they make some excellent Italian pizza.  Who knew?

 3.  Budapest definitely makes its money off of sex.  Someone I work with, before I left, said it was called "booty fest."  I laughed it off until I got there.  There were fliers for "free pick up" from the escort service and free champagne with "purchase."  Hmm...  However, I never felt nervous or threatened while I was there.  It is just a part of their life, I guess.

 4.  Budapest is called 'the city of spas" and it did not disappoint!  Spas are different in Europe then the states.  They are not so much about the treatments, but about the water of the pools.  Budapest has hot spring thermal baths that are really healthy for you to just lay in.  We want to Rudas spa, which is a Turkish bath that was built during the 16th century during the Turkish occupation.  We weren't there very long, but I would recommend going to one and just relax.

5.  We thought that the city was very old, and were excited to see, as Joel puts it, "Old Stuff."  We found out that while the city itself is old and while it looks old, it was mostly destroyed in WWII.  So, they decided to rebuild the city exactly how it was before the war.  Small and crazy roads and all.


Uncork and Unwined said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! We cant wait to go. Love the pictures!

Brittney said...

Looks gorgeous! I have not been there yet, but it's only about 6 hours away from us. My hubby and I are stationed at Aviano AB in Italy. Look forward to reading your adventures!