Monday, October 18, 2010

The AF Birthday Ball

So, the weekend was super busy and filled with some fun, and not so fun, things.  The not so fun things dealt with term papers and homework, but I did happen to get it all done in plenty of time AND still watch my Dolphins win on Sunday.  Go Phins!

The fun thing that I had planned could have went either way.  We went to the Air Force's Birthday Ball.  Now, I have been to many Army Balls, but not AF ones, so I wasn't sure how they would be different, or if they would even be different.  This one turned out to be...well, ok!  The food was ok, we were in a hanger, which wasn't that great, but worked, and I found out that Tops in Blue is MUCH cheesier than the Army Soldier Show, but I was with my husband, who looked great in his mess dress!  He wore his blues for our wedding because we had a casual ceremony, so this was my first opportunity, and he did not disappoint!  His commander sat at our table and was quite a hoot to be around, and his wife was really nice too.  His First Sergeant came stag and was quite entertaining to see bounce all around making sure things were on point.  We danced, we drank (just a little), and we laughed with friends.  So all in all it was an awesome night!

The only thing that I will complain about is that it is a trend at the army balls to give away the centerpieces.  Well, no one took ours, so at the end of the night we decided to take it.  As we were leaving, they totally stopped us and made us return it.  Busted!  Thanks for being so cheap, Air Force!

A picture of my hair at the end of the night.  Still looked great!
The obligatory "prom pose."

Inside the hanger.
Tops in Blue.
Our awesome friends showing us how to party!
Us, very relieved to call it a night.


Natalia said...

Beautiful dress and I love your hair! I'm looking forward to my first Army Ball!!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Gorgeous dress! Where did you get it? I *think* I may have actually seen you there!

hmb said...

I haven't been able to go to a ball yet :(
Your hair looked really pretty!!!