Tuesday, August 6, 2013

To Chicago, WIth Love

My friend T and her sweet daughter M and I drove to Chicago for the weekend for a little girls' getaway.  Our main purpose was to participate in the Shape Diva Dash, but I couldn't go to my favorite American city and not do it right, could I?  Of course not.

Me getting ready for the Dash.
The Diva Dash was an obstacle course 5K.  It wasn't a mud run (thank God!), but there were about 10 obstacles we had to conquer along the way.  It was great, and definitely broke up the monotony of just running the whole thing.  Costumes were encouraged, so my lovely friend made us some flashy wear to run in.

All finished!
After the race, we went to our hotel, showered, changed, and were ready to go out on the town!  I love anytime I can squeeze in some Chicago time, and I was glad to show the ladies my favorite way to enjoy the city.

I wish with all of my might that I could move to Chicago.  It is such a busy, bustling city.  I could be content being on the go or doing nothing at all.  We have at least a couple more trips planned, and I can't wait.  I haven't been able to see Chicago much in the summer, and it was absolutely a beautiful, perfect, but all too short, weekend.


Meghan said...

I love the tutus! And you were so close to my place! So glad you enjoyed all that Chicago has to offer! :)

Jen said...

You guys look awesome in your outfits! :)

Anonymous said...

Super cute outfits! Looks like fun! I really want to visit Chicago sometime. My friends are from the area and always talk it up.