Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Update

So, it's becoming more and more common for me to do these updates on Tuesday versus Monday.  I tell myself I'm going to knock it out before work on Monday, but I never do.  Blogger problems...am I right?

Anyways, this weekend was a good , albeit a quick one.  I started out the weekend seeing a throwback favorite in concert...Richard Marx!  The man is still insanely talented, and pretty hilarious to boot, so it was a great experience.  It was at a local casino in St. Louis, the River City Casino, and Joel and I had never been before.  We went to the buffet for dinner (shocker...he and his family are all about the buffets), played about $5 in the penny slots, and went to see the show.  Afterwards, I even got a head shot with his autograph.  It was a fabulous night!!

The casino.

Apparently I eat like a child at buffets.

Joel's loot.

The best part of buffets...the dessert!

Us waiting for the show to start.

The man himself.

Fun graphics.

My heart be still...he rocked it!

The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful.  The closet in our spare bedroom that holds our random stuff (coats, miscellaneous military uniform items, dresses, etc.) came crashing down due to the previous owners of our house not caring when they installed it.  It was drilled straight into the drywall.  So, we decided to re-do my closet (the smallest walk-in in the world) and then put my old closet stuff into the spare room.  Joel did a great job, and it was nice to re-vamp my closet.  It desperately needed a makeover.

The before.

The solution,

Joel's handiwork.

All done!

A tie rack for my tank tops...brilliant idea.
Then we spent the remainder of the evening doing a puzzle (what are we...80?) and catching up on the DVR.  Obviously, Pugsley was bored with this.

I am super excited for this week to come to a close already.  We have a musical and a concert this weekend, and then we jet off to Portland, OR to visit with Joel's family.  This is only my second time going, so if anyone has any must-sees that they could recommend, that'd be great!


Katiellirb said...

I never thought to put tank tops on a rack like that - maybe even a tie hook! Sweet! I'm still jealous you saw Richard Marx, even if it was an average age of 65 ;)

Jen said...

You saw Richard Marx?!?! Beyond jealous!

lesley: the dream tree said...

that tank top idea is brilliant!! i may have to try that one day (:
we do puzzles as well so we must be 80, too.
have a great time in portland.