Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

I can't believe it's Monday already!  Do I sound like a broken record here?  This weekend went by way too fast.  Sometimes I wish I could have nothing planned during the weekend so it wouldn't just rush by, but there's also something so satisfying about having a productive weekend.  It's a catch 22, I suppose.

Like I spoke about earlier in the week, yesterday a good friend and I participated in St. Louis's Caliente for the Cure, which was put on by the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Over 600 ladies (and a few men) showed up and helped raise nearly $42,000 for breast cancer research.  We had a blast shaking our booties for two hours of Zumba.  Sweating for a good cause...what could be better?

Picture from last year.

Happy ladies!

Me and my friend pre-workout.
On Saturday, it was pretty much and errand kind of day.  Joel and I ran around getting the finishing touches to the new bathroom (more on that later), and doing the typical boring Saturday stuff. We are switching to Direct TV next week, so we spent most of Saturday night catching up with our shows on our DVR.  I am so excited for this year's football season because we have the NFL Sunday Ticket now.  Holla!

Sunday was church, which was long overdue.  For some reason or another, things have been popping up, and we haven't made it as much of a priority as we should have.  I was really glad that we went to Mass, and even though the homily wasn't my favorite, it was really good for my soul to be back.

After Mass, we went to see Man of Steel with my friend and her husband.  I loved Henry Cavill when he was in The Tudors, and was happy that I wasn't  disappointed with his Superman role.  I've never been much of a Superman fan ( one can tell who he is because of those glasses?!) or DC Comics (more of a marvel fan), but I was pretty impressed with the acting and special effects.  And the Henry eye candy, of course.

After that we went out for Mexican, which was just ok, and hurried home to get ready for the new season of True Blood.  I don't know if it was the disappointment at not having a new Game of Thrones or what, but this episode didn't excite me.  Even the season preview was just kind of blah.  I've read the first 7 books of the series, and they were so good, but it seems like they are following along with the books less and less.  We'll see.  They haven'y lost me as a viewer, yet.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Kristy O said...

Fellow military spouse here. Thanks for checking out my blog.

Katiellirb said...

I really need to get over my fear of looking like an idiot in public and try zumba. Sounds like fun! Also, I need to get back into the Mass routine. Its not the guilt speaking, but I really do miss it! Makes me feel refreshed and that I can tackle the week ahead!