Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Five things - out of the mouth of my babe.

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Clever title?  No?  Ok, moving on.

I've seen so many of those "about me" memes going around, but I'm such an open book that I don't know if much of them would be very surprising.  So I asked Joel the question: what are five things about me that you don't think very many other people know.  Here's what he has to say:

1.  Not a morning person: if it's a morning where Kristen doesn't have to be anywhere, it's best to let her awake on her own accord. If she requires caffeine, like most mornings, it's better to wait for it to hit the bloodstream before asking much of her outside her routine.

2.  Loves drama, loathes creating it: Kristen is a big fan of reality TV, especially where interpersonal conflict arises; in contrast she also hates creating a stir, even with something as simple as her order being wrong at a restaurant, she'd rather remain silent.

3.  Believes people should take care of people: Although Kristen recognizes there is a place for the government to support its people - it shouldn't be the elected officials via taxpayers, rather she believes not only the community carry the burden, but the community should see it as a privilege to help out their own.

4.  A self-proclaimed planner and hates not having control, she loves the thrill of chance by controlling what she can: At certain times of life, you are presented either oranges or lemons. How Kristen deals with lemons is by looking up her favorite lemon bar recipe before/if they come.

5.  If you bump into her, you better say 'sorry' or else! Kristen strongly dislikes rude people, but she understands you can't always know what's happening around you all of the time. As fast as her temper flares when someone unintentionally wrongs her, her temperament quickly returns to normal with the simple word of 'sorry'.

So, I guess that's me, according to Joel.  Anything surprising?  What would your husband, or whoever knows you best, say about you?


Jen said...

#5 is totally me!!!! I loathe rude people and it drives me crazy when people can simply say "sorry" or "excuse me".

Anonymous said...

I'm a self proclaimed planner as well. I can't stand not knowing what is going on.

Anonymous said...

This is such a unique idea! I totaly relate to you on #1. My husband is slowly learning to keep his distance and be extra sweet in the mornings.