Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Update

Doesn't that sound like you are about to watch an episode of Saturday Night Live?  Good; me, too.  I'm keeping it.

This weekend wasn't all that exciting.  After our busy week on vacation, we decided to keep things fairly low key.  A friend of mine decided to start a book club up, so Friday night we met with a few of her friends to pick a book out (a.k.a. drink wine and chat).  The men watched basketball (and kept the scores from me, the jerky mcjerkerstens), and it was a nice night in.

Saturday we went to St. Louis's 1st Annual Baconfest.  Yep, you heard me right.  Baconfest.  Joel's idea, of course.  It benefited the USO of Missouri, so of course we had to go and check it out.


Kind of disappointing, though.  There were a ton of people, and not very many vendors, so the lines were ridiculously long.  At least the weather was nice, though.  Because Saturday, this happened...

My front porch.

Yep, spring is not a pretty lady this year.  The snow wasn't exactly a surprise, but it wasn't welcome, either. At least it practically begged us to be lazy and settle in for some March Madness watching.  It was a tough weekend of games.  My bracket is practically on life support thanks to Harvard and Florida Gulf Coast University.  I am happy to see that my Hoosiers made it to the Sweet 16, although barely.  But, it was sad to see Butler end their run on such a close, heartbreaking loss.  I'm excited to see how the rest of the tournament plays out!

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Jen said...

Oh baconfest sounds amazing!! :)

Anonymous said...

BACON!!! I'm in! I can't believe all that snow! That's ridiculous!

Katiellirb said...

What book did you chose for book club? I'm in two now and we're already struggling for suggestions!