Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Shining Stateside Moment.

Ok, people.  I was in Germany a long time.  A LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME.  While I loved my time over there exponentially (and am secretly planning on retiring there...shh...), there were a lot of things I missed about America.  Or so I thought.

About 90 days or so after my patriotic return, I decided that I truly missed everything about living in Germany.  Well, almost.  Want to know what I (sadly) missed the most?  Having a Starbucks on nearly every street corner.  Yes, I know it's crazy expensive, and yes, I know I could just make some of my favorite drinks at home.  But I loves me some starbizzle.  (Yes, that's what Joel calls Starbucks.  Just go with it.)  So having the closest one 45-60 minutes away was a bit of a downer in Deutschland.  And not having pumpkin spiced lattes (which Euro Starbucks don't) made fall a little less spectacular.

While I was away in Germany, I missed out on a super awesome program called the Starbucks Gold Card.  Folks, I feel like I missed out on what I would consider a right of passage for me.  You see, in Indianapolis (holla!) where I grew up, there was a Starbucks less than a five minute drive from my home and apartment, exactly one black down from where I worked, and I think I passed thirty or so on my way to campus.  I would have had a gold card ten times over!  But, alas, I never even had a chance.

Well, guys.  It happened.  I have only been in the states for 13 months, and I have obtained that elusive status.  Free shots of flavoring?  Yes, please.  Upgrades on extras for zero dollars and a free drink after every 15 purchases?  Oh, baby. have read my mind.  I think I will stop in on my way home from work.  Thankyouverymuch.

And sadly, no.  I am not being paid for this.  I am just this much of a Starbucks junkie.

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