Monday, April 11, 2011

What a difference a day makes...

So, I needed a day off.  Yes, I realize that this sounds silly because today is Monday and, well, I just had a whole weekend off.  However, Joel did not, as he worked all weekend.  So, he got today as sort of a comp day off, and so it was also a down day for the army, so I took advantage of the situation and decided to take a day off of work, too.

So, the day started off at IKEA, which is my husband's Mecca.  We wanted to get some last minute things before our PCS back to the states, and even though we don't leave for two more months, we figured it best to take advantage of IKEA shopping during the week.  My victory was in getting Joel's permission to buy this awesome girly rug for my office when we move.  I can't wait to get the new place put together and show you all!  Decorating pictures to be continued...

Our next stop was one of our favorite Italian places in Landstuhl.  Garibaldi!  Our absolute favorite is Il Capricio, also in Landstuhl, but alas, they have no outdoor seating, and we couldn't waste a beautiful day like today.  It was probably mid 70s and B-E-A-utiful!  And let me tell you, that isn't an every day occurance in Germany.  I had the Tortelloni Pomodoro with the Lambrusco, and it was amazing as usual.  Very tasty and the owners are super nice guys!

(Our view!)

And then, came my favorite part of the day.  Last week, we found the most amazing thing at our local Edeka grocery store in our village, and today was the day to try it out.  Wanna see what it is?

Need a closer look?

 Oh yeah, baby.  Sangria!  The last time I remember having some of this, and it was the real stuff, was in Spain on one of the best vacations ever.  Today was so warm and sunny that I had to break it out.  Even Joel dipped into the stuff.  And the results?
Fantastico!  Que Beuno!  Husband tested and approved!


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Thanks for joining our Mingle With Us Blog Hop. I look forward to following each other's blogs.
I am so jealous of that beautiful weather, it was snowing at our house last night in Utah:(

Amanda Joy

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Looks like a fun day!

I just found your blog through one of the Thursday blog hops. Have a great week!

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