Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting Medieval on you!

I know, I have been slacking on my posts!  I didn't even do the Friday fill-in!  Dang, I really like those things too!  I will do my bestest to post it this Friday, but something uber exciting is happening then.  Wait for it...

My in-laws are coming to visit!!!

Now, most women would not be saying this as excitingly as I am, but I have been truly blessed with a great new family.  They are sweet, wonderful people, and I am excited to have my first visitors since I have been to Germany.  We will be taking them locally around Germany, and also taking a mini-vacation to London!  It is about a two hour plane ride from here, and even though I have been before, I am looking forward to sharing this experience with them.  I love all things UK.  I have been to Ireland, Scotland, and England, and those have been three of my favorite countries.

Now, on to more local things.  Fall is (I think) officially here.  However, a few weeks ago it was nice and toasty here in Germany.  Joel, me, and a few friends went to a local medieval fest, and I wanted to post a few pictures.  Everyone gets dressed up in costume, and they have a camp sent up selling yummy treats and crafts.  This one was in Kaiserslautern, our home turf, so it was a nice day out.

The local chick band

Camp life

Me and Joel...and naturally people bathing behind us (weird!?!)

A storming of the castle!


All in all a good day.  :)