Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well, we have started to begin this whole crazy thing! Getting married in Germany is much more complicated than getting married in the good ole' USA. There is tons of paperwork to fill out and then submit to the state that we live in. Then, once we get permission (yes, folks, they don't just hand out marriage licenses here like in the U.S.) we set a date with the Standesamt, either a Tuesday or a Friday, and we basically just have a "courthouse" ceremony to make it legal. Church weddings and the like are optional here and hold no legal bearing. That stinks, but we are still filling out stuff to have our marriage blessed by the church. That is almost as important to us as legally being married.

As far as any kind of actual ceremony, i.e. a white dress and cake, etc., we were thinking about a destination wedding. We are looking into the logistics of it, but right now in particular we are looking into going to the Maldives and having a small ceremony, just the two of us, on the beach. More to follow, of course. And of course we would love suggestions!

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