Monday, August 18, 2014

One month in Paradise

Wow, have I really been on island for one whole month now?  I've been so used to saying that "we just got here," but I guess I can't really say that anymore, can I?  It's been an experience, for sure.  It has been an amazing experience so far, but it hasn't been all roses and sunshine.  Here's my take on the pros and the cons of island living in the Beautiful Okinawa, Japan.

Pros:  Umm...this Midwesterner is no longer land locked!  It is less than a ten minute drive to the ocean.  The ocean!!  I have never experienced being this close to the water before.  I am such a beach person, and although we've been busy doing other things, I have really enjoyed being able to take an impromptu beach trip.

Cons:  The tides and crazy weather!  So, I had no idea the tides and such could be chimed, so Joel and I had a beach fail last weekend.  We went, literally, at the lowest tide of the day.  It was barely to our ankles!  We decided to wait and try again another day, obviously.  The next day, it was gorgeous!  We ran errands to escape low tide again, and then went home to pack up and it started storming.  For hours.  It's hard to plan for beach days sometimes.  Or anything, really.  When the rain really falls, no umbrella or rain jacket will keep you dry.

See the people wading in their ankles?
Pros:  The delicious food!  Ramen takes on a whole new name here, and it is so delicious.  We also have tasty Hawaiian restaurants,  sushi places (for Joel, not me), and many, many other delights.  I am going to have to hit the gym hard here.  Plus, dining with a view isn't too shabby.

Cons:  They Japanese aren't always the best when choosing things to eat.  They sure have some disgusting things on the menu.  I am so happy when they have pictures on the menu to help us figure things out, because I sure can't read Japanese.  It's been a very hard hurdle, and I'm still pretty uncomfortable with not knowing the language, although I have learned a few key phrases.

I'll definitely have more observations as time goes on.  Right now, it feels like I am just on a really long vacation.  We have a house, but not our stuff (still have another month on that) and I haven't started work yet (tomorrow is the big day).  The weather is always hot and humid, which is a pro and a con (my poor curly hair!), and Joel's working weird shifts at the moment.  It's not our "new normal" yet, but I'm enjoying it for the most part.  I think month two is going to be very different.


Jen said...

Sounds like you are enjoying so far! Enjoy that amazing ocean haha.

Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

Man, oh man- even when they have pictures of the food it sometimes makes me nervous because I'm still not too sure what some of it is! We've seen some really neat looking places on our drives up to Camp Hansen recently, but are so nervous to go in and try anything for fear we won't know what anything is!
I'm so glad you figured out the tide charts :D

Laura Darling said...

Sounds like a fun and adventurous adjustment!! Those food descriptions are really...interesting! I don't know if I could get on board with squid guts!!

Jamie said...

Sounds like you're having a blast!

Angie said...

My husband found a few sushi places that he loved while he was there, and he hates seafood. I agree about some of the food. I am not sure I could eat squid guts. I can't wait to read more about it!

Anonymous said...

Yes for pictures of food. That's the main thing I'm worried about if we get stationed in Asia. Weird food.

Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

always an adventure! :o)